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Final Fantasy X-2.5 ~Eien no Daishō~" A rough translation. Part 4

Part: 1, 2, 3

Disclaimer: I am not an official translator. I have a degree in Japanese, and lived in Japan for years, but I'm still not perfect. I'm going to try my best to translate all the dialogue, but there were some vague or difficult descriptions that I decided to skip, and sentences that I decided to swap for more natural English equivalents. I also added a few "he said, she said" to make it easier to tell who's speaking. Please think of this as a rough translation and don't treat it like it 100% accurate.

Please link back to this page if you use the information from the translation, and support Final Fantasy by buying the official translation if it becomes available.

Part: 1, 2, 3 

On the road, between entering the bay and arriving at the boat the Aurochs excitedly talked about playing a game of Blitzball. However Keepa announced a race to the bay. Using his expression to try and provoke them.

Tidus agreed, but what he thought of while vigorously chasing them down the hill…….was of course Yuna.

She might be looking for me now. Maybe I should have stayed in the village.

“You’re slow Tidus!” someone called.

Tidus was supposed to be running at full strength, but then he realised that the only guy behind him was Wakka.

“Hey, it’s already night!” yelled Wakka. You’ll trip! Don’t be stupid!”

“Wakka,” answered one member from the front. “Please let us have fun. We’ll hold back.” He laughed when Wakka told him to shut up.

“Oi You! Quit it” As much as Wakka struggled he couldn’t keep up, so it seemed like he was trying to stop them from running.

Tidus decided to go along with Wakka’s sneaky plan and slowed down, coming to a stop. “Wakka, you’ve really retired, haven’t you?”

At being made fun of, a sweaty Wakka nodded while struggling for breath. He then began walking.

“The tournament we were in together in Luca……..was two years ago…. I planned to retire then. Maybe we talked about it? But even though I meant to retire, I watched over the team as a coach. But we tragically lost at the next tournament. I didn’t think about it much back when we lost all the time, but that loss hurt. It wasn’t just me. It was everyone. After that we got serious about training. We trained hard every day, man. The villagers put up with us not working and let us dedicate ourselves to Blitzball. Thanks to that we slowly got better. I feel that times are changing. Looking at guys like Datto and Letty makes me want to go back to playing. But you know….. Yuna started the Gullwings, then Lulu started getting bigger, I felt like I’d become responsible for the village… enthusiasm won’t loose to anyone… I’m still young.. But you know….”

You get it, he said with a sag of his shoulders. It seemed like Wakka still had a hard time making decisions.     

“But it means that I get scolded by Lulu every day.” Wakka bashfully scratched his head.

The Aurochs had gone way ahead, completely disappearing. Thinking of the lost two years, Wakka hesitantly hugged Tidus.

Huh? Tidus thought. Trying to remember if Wakka had done something like this before. Eventually Wakka’s hand moved to Tidus’s head and messed up his hair. It was weird.

“What are you doing!” Tidus roughly pushed his hand away.

“Sorry, I just wanted to check.” Wakka said apologetically. “You’re real, right? You’re not like one of those illusions from the Farplane?”

“That’s what I was going for, of course I’m the real thing.”

“Right,” Wakka hearterly laughed like he was trying to smooth things over.  

However, Tidus took note of illusions from the Farplane. If he could remember, the Farplane was where dead people could appear, but not talk. He could remember the first time he went. He thought of his mother and then she appeared. Perhaps he could be just another illusion from the Farplane like his mother was then?

“Ah..maybe I could be an illusion after all?”

“A real illusion.”


“I’ve never thought about what’s real, or what’s an illusion, but I can understand that the lights respond to what’s inside your head when you pray, and then become the person you want to see. You have to talk to make the conversation, therefore they’re only replying the way that you want. If you think they’re encouraging you, they are. If you want them to scold you they will.”


It was an easy explanation that was unlike Wakka. Tidus suddenly understood.

This older, yet inflexible friend, had found out the religion he believed in since childhood had been a lie. However, life continued, even if the foundation of his beliefs was gone, he had to live. In order to live out the rest of his life, he was trying to understand the world without Yevon’s teachings. This was the reasoning behind Wakka’s clear answer.

“This is Besaid. not the Farplane, right? Which means that I’m real!”

Tidus pinched Wakka’s side as he said it. Wakka let out what sounded like a deliberate cry and chased after him. 

Translation notes

This posts are a little short but translating takes forever. I got nuts every time I try to do too much at once. I also haven’t been spell checking these posts that much, so that I could get them out sooner.

I forgot the English names of Wakka’s teammates, so I had to look them all up.

There were a few more sentences trying to describe the hug. Something about a waterfall. But them made no sense to me so I skipped them.

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