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Final Fantasy X-2.5 ~Eien no Daishō~" A rough translation. Part 3

Part: 1, 2, 3, 4

Disclaimer: I am not an official translator. I have a degree in Japanese, and lived in Japan for years, but I'm still not perfect. I'm going to try my best to translate all the dialogue, but there were some vague or difficult descriptions that I decided to skip, and sentences that I decided to swap for more natural English equivalents. I also added a few "he said, she said" to make it easier to tell who's speaking. Please think of this as a rough translation and don't treat it like it 100% accurate.

Please link back to this page if you use the information from the translation, and support Final Fantasy by buying the official translation if it becomes available.

Part: 1, 2, 3, 4

The eternal Calm, Sphere hunters, and Gullwings.” In the beginning he listened while asking questions, but he gradually became jealous of how Rikku could easily talk of names and events unknown to him.
“At least it sounds like fun,” said Tidus.  

“Hey, you got a problem with that?” questioned Rikku.

“I’ve got nothing that I can talk about. It sucks a bit… I mean... we haven’t met for two years, and I’ve got nothing to tell you. What the Hell was I doing?”

“Chilling out,” said Paine suddenly with a chuckle. It seemed like she was trying to joke. She had a point. It wasn’t like he was going to understand anything by talking about it there.

“I’m glad that you’ve been having fun,” said Tidus. “I would have felt responsible if you all lived out your days crying because I was gone,” he said brightly, but Rikku didn’t look pleased.

“Rather than crying I felt mad. What the Hell! What is this? What happened to you? Why did you have to go? I could somewhat understand when I heard about it all later but…”

“I see.”

“Yuna enjoyed the Gullwings,” said Paine quietly as though she was speaking to herself. “But, it wasn’t always like that. I thought that she was sometimes pushing herself. Whether is was the Sphere Hunters or a concert, I think that she was energetic….. but in the end her goal was you. Whether it was to meet you… or forget you… I’m not sure.”


“Yeah,” said Rikku. “Cause Yuna left this village because there was a sphere with you in it.”


“There was a guy named Shuyin and his girlfriend Lenne. She was a summoner a thousand years ago and a popular singer. Then a bunch of stuff happened. Shuyin looked just like you. Yuna probably thought that was you…..and that you could meet again…...but we were wrong in the end.”

“We were wrong,” said Paine. “But we completely put our knecks on the line and got stuck fighting a mechanical weapon from a thousand years ago.”

“A thousand years?” He didn’t think it would lead him anywhere, but the the common knowledge of Spira was different from his own. He went silent after asking.

“Right… I don’t think this makes much sense,” said Rikku. “So you can only experience it.. Perhaps…. Maybe… I’m not sure how to explain…..just thinking about it is doing my head in.” She placed her hands around her throat and stuck her tongue out.

”Resurrected Colossal Machina Vegnagun. It was large and dangerous but we got it in the end,” said Paine while narrowing her gaze at Tidus.


“According to Yuna, the fayth brought you back as a reward for saving Spira.”

“So in other words, I was brought back because of the fayth?”

“No, because Yuna worked hard!” cried Rikku with a big voice. It surprised the people around them and the talk around them died. The silence spread like a wave and they attracted stares. The piecing glares from the old people around Yuna hurt.

He made eye contact with Yuna

Sorry, moved her mouth. Then later, her lips moved.

He was happy, but when he thought of expressing his displeasure at the situation, his shoulders sagged. If he did that, Yuna would sincerely repeat later. The elders would see them trading expressions and Yuna would be scolded. He panicked and nodded several times.

However, that later didn’t seem to come.

After speaking, one of the elders announced that Yuna should change, and took her into the temple. Tidus followed Lulu’s instructions and helped with the preparations for the party, but amongst the well coordinated villagers, he soon ran out of jobs. In the end he could only return to Rikku’s group with a shallow smile.

The three of them talked for a while about everything new.

The more he heard about Yuna’s concert the more frustrated he felt. It was different from the seriousness he experienced when facing death. It sounded like a story that was life threatening but also half adventure.

“Hey, you in a bad mood?” asked Rikku.

“No,” Tidus grumbled.

“And I was trying so hard to talk to you!” Rikku fumed and said that she was going back to the ship.

Paine told him to tell Yuna that she’d be back within a few days, but Tidus saw her off with a half-hearted reply.

The loneliness he felt while surrounded by the busy villagers was terrible. Unable to endure it, he fled into a tent, lying on the bed. While changing positions numerous times and battling idle thoughts, the tent became dark.

The party was to begin at nightfall. There was no mistake that it was going to start soon.

Tidus hugged a pillow and dreamed of Yuna apologetically coming to get him.

But the one who appeared was Wakka.  

“The evening boat’s come back so let’s help carry the fish. This is a job for the Aurochs  You’re coming too!”

Thoughts on this part.

Translating from Japanese to English is pretty hard given the large difference between the two languages, so I decided to throw in the towel and take more creative liberties this time.

Overall Tidus seems pretty annoyed that everyone was off having adventures while he was in no man’s land. He feels pretty frustrated that he missed out on two years and ends up taking his frustration out on Rikku. He’s also irritated that he can’t talk to Yuna because she’s been abducted by a bunch of old people and forced to be responsible.

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