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Khan and the Kingdom without Gods Chapter 6

Outside our world exists one of gods. A place where gods reign supreme and humans live like days of old.

Khan is a dashing thief who travels to a small kingdom without gods in the hope of seducing their beautiful princess. He is instead drawn to her unusual bodyguard who has a few secrets of her own. The battle between mortals and gods has only just begun. 

What Khan didn't know about were the events taking place at that moment which would threaten the kingdom's existence, and his chances of getting together with Mei Fhan. Far away across the desert there was another kingdom run by a family of merciless gods. The head of this family was an elderly god with long white hair and a beard five inches long. He was dressed in enough gold and silk to support one mortal family for a lifetime, and he resided in a large mansion made of white marble on the top of a large hill. It was also home to a dozen of his relatives and a hundred mortal servants who tended to their every wim.

His family considered this god as barely tolerable in a good mood, but terrifying when things weren't going his way. Which is why everyone flinched when he lost his temper that afternoon.

"What do you mean they rejected our offer!" Bellowed the elderly god as he slammed his fist down on a glass table which instantly shattered from the impact.

"They said that they refuse to become a tribute state your holiness," trembled the mortal man before him who was dressed in blue silk. It was rare for mortals to be given such expensive clothes, but it would make this family of gods look weak if their messengers were dressed in rags. The messenger fell to his knees and raised his hands to shield himself from the attack which was certain to come. "That disrespectful king across the desert refused to acknowledge your greatness devine one. He said that the kingdom without gods, will, and will always be a kingdom without gods."

The old god picked up his mug of wine and threw it at the messenger who fell backwards from the impact. Gods were far stronger than humans so it would most definitely leave a terrible bruise. "How dare you refer to that swine as a king! No mortal can bestow themselves with that title!" The old god raised his hand to strike the messenger, but he was interrupted by his granddaughter Song. She was wearing a red dress and equally red lipstick while lethargically leaning against the wall watching the scene unfold. Her long white hair was tied back with an assortment of gold pins, and her pale face was covered in even paler white powder.

"What did you expect grandfather," she said as she lazily played with a golden silk fan. "This is what you get for listening to uncle Luchao's advice and sending a trembling mortal to do a god's work."

"You must understand!" Said a god from the other side of the room named Luchao who looked like a younger version of the old man. "That desert is not a suitable place for my entourage, it's impossible for them to carry all my things through the sand. Last time over half of them perished and I was forced to walk. My clothing became terribly soiled and I don't wish to repeat the experience."

"Silence the both of you!" Shouted the old god. He leaned back in his golden chair which resembled a throne, and examined the room before him while considering his next move. There were ten gods dressed in expensive clothes watching him nervously while trying their best to remain completely calm. Several human servants circled the room with platters of fruit and wine which they handed to their masters before quickly ducking back into the shadows to avoid the old man's wrath.

"We will gather mortal men from the villages and send an army to conquer their little play kingdom," said the old god. "If they adore their fellow mortals so much then they can watch in horror as they're crushed by their own kind. And the one to lead the campaign will be," he paused while looking around the faces in the room.

"Please not me, please not me," quietly begged Luchao and Song glared at him with disgust.

"Meng!" Said the god.

At the sound of his name a young god with long white hair and brilliant blue eyes stepped forward and bowed before the elderly god. His appearance was flawless and clean, but his clothing was more humble compared to the other gods.

"You're sending him?" Said Luchao and he crossed his arms. "Well, I suppose it's below the rest of us, but it's probably appropriate work for Meng."

"Meng," said the old god. "Prove to me that Kaien was right when he convinced me to allow you into this family."

"You have nothing to worry about honourable grandfather," said Meng. "I will crush this insubordination and bring a great victory in the Li family name."

To be continued...

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Outside our world exists one of gods. A place where the gods reign supreme and humans live like days of old.

Meng is a unique god who becomes lost in an endless forest. His only chance of escape is an old dying mortal who brings back memories of his past which he would prefer remain forgotten.

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