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How I was Murdered by a Fox Monster Special Chapter Part 1

Hello. This is an extra chapter that I've been working on for a while. It takes place after How I was Murdered by a Monster King and it's part of my How I was Murdered by a Fox Monster 3 project. Currently my plans for a third book are pretty vague and uncertain due to the challenges of writing and selling ebooks, but I do have an idea for Daisuke's next adventure, and I would like to continue releasing some free chapters and see how things go from there.

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Daisuke make's a girlfriend: Part 1

Hey! My name is Daisuke Matsumoto, and I'm just your average Japanese high school student, is what I usually say when introducing myself to normal people.

But in reality I have a super secret identity that I have to hide from all you nobodies out there.

I'm an exorcist.

I know that you're probably on the edge of your seat with excitement right now. I would totally be if I was boring like you. But I'm actually different from all those old priests who wave crosses around trying to exterminate non-existent ghosts.

Here, my buddies and I risk our precious lives to exterminate super dangerous monsters called Obake.

Obake (or Oh-bah-kei as you're supposed to say it) are dangerous monsters which disguise themselves as regular people and animals in order to blend into our world and hide themselves.

Usually they might look like giant raccoons with fangs, or rabbits with fangs, or naked ladies with fangs, (and sometimes claws) but they're masters of deception and can change their form whenever they feel like it.

Noticed a cat that was a little too smart? Think that a cute puppy said something? Chances are that they're an Obake who's just waiting to eat you up!

Of course it never shows up on the news, but tones of normal everyday people get attacked by Obake all the time. Those sneaky little monsters just chomp down the evidence before anyone finds out!

And that's where super awesome exorcists like me come in.

My friends and I spend hours upon hours patrolling the countryside for suspicious monsters, then destroy them using our amazing weapons and super special spiritual powers. I'm still a trainee so they won't let me touch any of the cool stuff, but my friends have plenty of magical paper charms which they use to create different effects such as fire, water, and lightning. We can throw them at sneaky Obake and BAM! Those deadly monsters are reduced to a pile of dead smoldering ashes.

Through my amazing spiritual journey I've made tons of cool friends, lost some lame friends, and thanks to my awesome exorcist powers, I've recently become popular at school too. Today was just another example of my awesomeness.

This morning I emerged onto my school's sports ground prepared for the interschool track meet. Dressed in a red sleeveless shirt, and those little short shorts which are optimized for performance, but look kind of embarrassing. The sun was high in the sky, there wasn't a cloud in sight, and the damp grass was glittering in the sun the way that damp grass does.

"Hey Daisuke!" called out one guy I walked past, who I suppose goes to my school, because he was wearing the uniform.

"Hey….." I wanted to say his name, but I actually had no idea who he was, so I just said "man" which was an awesome save of my dignity.

"Yo! Dai-man!" yelled out the guy who I sit next to in Math.

"!" I called back with a cool thumbs up, because I'm awesome.

I was then greeted by another two guys, whose names and faces I pretty much forgot as soon as they walked away.

"Hey you, and you," I tried to say as casually as possible, like a cool popular person would.

I soon arrived at the track, which was just a bunch of white lines painted onto a gravel yard. Groups of spectators from various schools had gathered to watch my impending victory. I couldn't make out the indistinguishable rabble and cheering from the crowd, but I was certain that there were several girls screaming "Daisuke we love you" from the top of their lungs.

"Go out and get them," smiled my track and field coach as he patted me on the back.

I took my place at the start line among seven other guys. One butch dude tried, and failed, to intimidate me with his eyes, but I shot a glare right back at him. Little did he know that he'd soon be eating my dust.

"On your mark!" announced one student with a megaphone. "Get set…"

With a bang of the starter pistol, the other competitors and I all lunged forward and dashed down the track.

As expected, I soon took the lead as they cursed me under their breath. The space between myself and the other guys became wider and wider as I dashed along at the speed of light-ish. Basking in my glory as all the other suckers struggled to keep up. Barely even breaking a sweat. It seemed like absolutely nothing could ruin my perfect moment.

"And in first place, it's Daisuke Matsumoto!" dramatically cried megaphone guy. "This young up and comer had never even won a race in his life, until he miraculously broke a record at sports day this year. Some say that Matsumoto must be on performance enhancing drugs. Others say that he's a government experiment, or that he was gifted from the heavens to make up for his lack of-" Suddenly megaphone guy cut off mid sentence as though something else had grabbed his attention. "And what's this!" he cried. "I can't believe my eyes. One of the spectators has dashed onto the track and is racing straight after Matsumoto. She appears to be a young woman. Medium height, late twenties, radiating intense fury. The likes of which I've never seen before!"

I glanced over my shoulder, only to be greeted by the sight of my older sister sprinting down the track. Her dark brown hair whipping around her face like a demon possessed. Her white teeth clashing with rage.

"DAI-CHAN!" screamed Kanako Matsumoto as she dashed after me with power that I never knew that an average housewife could possess.

"It's crazy sister Matsumoto," I heard someone mutter near the megaphone.

"Wow," said another voice with awe.

"So the rumors are true."

I was too busy fleeing for my life, and checking over my shoulder to make sure that Sis wasn't gaining, that I ran straight off the track and into a fence. My arm went through two rotting panels and became wedged between them. Leaving me with no hope of escape.

I frantically maneuvered my shoulder. Trying to pull myself out without ripping my skin off, as my impending death (a.k.a sister) encroached closer and closer.

Sis soon got me out of the fence, then dragged me off the school ground while my teammates looked on with both pity and fear. She then led me into the local park for her favourite time, lecture time.

"I don't believe you!" Her trembling voice did little to suppress her true rage as we stood in the middle of a children's playground. Surrounded by faded swings and a panda seesaw. An elementary school student hesitantly watched from the jungle gym. "You promised that you wouldn't use your abilities for sports!"

"Yeah, yeah," I muttered under my breath while sitting on an elephant shaped slide. Trying my best to avoid any form of eye contact.

Most families would be super thrilled that their kid was good at sports, but my sister had made it her life's mission to ruin my fun. She liked to give her actions strange nicknames, like raising me properly or trying to turn me into a decent human being, but I knew that she was just jealous of my skills.

"How many times have we talked about you showing off at school!" Sis continued. "What if the exorcist organisation found out about this? You're already skating on thin ice."

"It wasn't like I wanted to join the track team!" I yelled back in an attempt to defend myself. "But you don't understand the sort of pressure these teachers are putting me under. Ever since I won that race on sports day, they've been hounding me to join."

"Well, there wouldn't be any hounding if you hadn't won in the first place."

"Well I couldn't exactly make myself look like a loser now, could I?"

"Why! You've had no problem until now!"

"You did not just say that!" I cried back.

I could tell that Sis regretted those words because her mouth began opening and closing like a goldfish.

"No allowance for a month!" she suddenly cried in a poor attempt to save her dignity.

"Come on Sis!" I moaned. "I promised the swim team that I'd go chill out with them at the pool next week!"

"No allowance for two months!" she cried back.

"Sis!" I cried as she began storming away.

"Go get your things! I'll wait outside the gate!"

One good thing about the track and field club (before my sister sabotaged my brilliant athletic career) was that I managed to make a girlfriend out if all those tedious practice hours. Kaho was a natural beauty with long black hair, large mesmerizing brown eyes, and silver braces across her teeth. We'd only been dating for two weeks, but it was like we were made for each other. She understood me like nobody else, and was nothing like the paranoid control freak who called herself my sister.

My wonderful pure hearted girlfriend was even kind enough to wait for me outside the change room and listen to my pain.

"It must be hard, having a sister who's so strict," Kaho said like the beautiful angel she was.

"Yeah, you've got no idea!" I threw my hands up into the air in frustration. "It's like she never wants me to succeed."

"I know what you mean. My grandmother has been pretty unsupportive of my choices too. Says that I should be planning for my future marriage instead of working towards any career."

"Wow, that's definitely deep." I never knew that Kaho had been suffering in silence too.

"Oh, that reminds me." Kaho nervously tucked a strand of hair behind one ear as her cheeks turned pink. "One of my friends in the science club invited me to go look at fireflies tonight. You're more than welcome to come too," she asked nervously. "If you want to."

As much as that sounded like the perfect date, I already had other commitments.

"That sounds great Kaho," I moaned with crushing disappointment. "But I've gotta help out with the community service club."

"Community service club? Isn't that the club where you have to be invited to join, even though nobody knows how to get in."

"Yeah," I nodded. Little did Kaho know that the so called community service club was just a front for the exorcist organisation, so that they could get my exorcist friends and I out of class to do secret exorcist stuff. "Tonight we're cleaning up rubbish around town."

It was just the latest excuse my exorcist teacher told the school. He was forcing us to collect cans while patrolling for Obake. It was part of his new strategy to help raise funds for the exorcist organization. He claims that they're struggling for cash, but I've worked out that he's just out to make some extra dough by exploiting us all. I saw him splurge out and buy the more expensive cookies from the convenience store.

"You're not going up to Takanoyama, are you?" interrupted a voice from behind me.

I turned to see one of my tall lanky classmates, Yuto Murakami, standing behind us. Head freshly shaved, and dressed head to toe in a faded baseball uniform. Even though he's not an exorcist, the guy thinks that he's some kind of monster expert after accidently seeing an Obake once. Always throwing random monster facts in my face, like I'm not the one who has to hunt them down after dark.

"I don't know yet," said Kaho. "Why?"

"Surely you've heard the rumors," he said remorsefully while shaking his head.

"What rumours?" I asked, which was a bad idea, because that really set him off.

"They say that there's a monster who lurks at the top of that mountain." Yuto'svoice became lower and his face grim. As though he was telling a horror story around an open campfire. Sending chills down my spine. "Luring unsuspecting couples to their doom. Some say that she's the restless spirit of a young woman who killed her lover after he failed to get her a return gift for her Valentine's Day chocolate. Her bitter spirit carries a grudge against any youthful couple that looks like they're having a good time. Hell bent on sucking the happiness out of young men and women. She hides and waits amongst the bamboo trees of Takenoyama, and once she has any unsuspecting couple right where she wants them…. she lunges out from the darkness AND RIPS OFF THEIR HEADS!"

Yuto said the last line with enough power to make me jump back in shock.

Kaho on the other hand, seemed completely fine. "But that's just a stupid rumour, right?"

"Yeah, monsters," I laughed nervously. "Only weirdos and crazy people would believe in them. Hahaha."

I continued laughing for half a minute to try and fool them into thinking that I'm just a normal teenager who knows nothing about the supernatural. They may have been looking at me pretty weird, but I'm certain that I had Kaho and Yuto fooled.

I would have stuck around longer (and even taken some selfies with my girlfriend) if I didn't have the cloud of my sister's fury hanging over my shoulders.

"I better go." I sighed and picked up my bag. "The sister is waiting."

"I'll message you," said Kaho.

"Not if I message you first," I said while throwing on the Daisuke Matsumoto charms. Suavely grabbing Kaho around the waist and pulling her towards me.

Kaho let out an adorable giggle and instantly blushed, but Yuto suddenly disappeared as though our cuteness was too much for him.

I leaned forward to kiss her, but Kaho gently placed a finger on my lips.

"Next time," she whispered. Her face all cute and innocent as she glanced back at the groups of students still mulling around. "When we have more privacy."

I nodded before letting go of her and moving away. The longer I stayed, the harder it would become to leave.

"I love you," I said while slowly backing away.

"I love you more!" she cried back.

"I love you more than ice-cream!"

"I love you more than K-Pop!"

"I love you more than my phone!"

It was then that I knew that I'd won, when Kaho stood there struggling to come up with anything better.

My girlfriend continued waving at me until she was out of sight. It was then that my phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out to find that Kaho had already texted me several heart emojis.

I was in the middle of texting her as many emojis as I could, when I was interrupted by one of my least favorite people.

"I don't know how you do it," he whistled like nails on a chalkboard. "Fooling that poor girl into thinking that you're normal. You make me want to puke."

I turned to see Itsuki leaning up against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest. Dressed in a blue Judo uniform like he'd just finished practice. The sun practically reflecting off his pale face. Eyes narrowed as though he was trying to project hate into my very soul. I'm sure that he thought that he was cool and intimidating, but to me it just looked like he was squinting.

This antisocial dude is my frenemy. Twenty percent friend, and about eighty percent enemy. We used to be best buddies, but now he doesn't want to come anywhere near me because he says that I'm secretly a monster who wants to eat them all. A real weirdo, right?

Unfortunately he's also one of us exorcists so I have to endure him, but his attitude is so bad that they'll have to kick him out eventually.

"You're just jealous," I snapped back. We couldn't all be single and bitter like him.

"Maybe I am," he said coldly. "Jealous, of how you can so easily fool everyone around you with that idiotic persona."

"What are you-"

"Everyone may think that you're some kind of hero now, but I won't believe it for a second," he interrupted. "The moment that you show your true colors, I'll be there."

It was then that he pulled a monster destroying charm from his pocket and flashed it in my face. It may have just looked like an ordinary slip of paper with angry black lines, but it was capable of creating a large ball of lightning.

I bit my lip and tried to look like his words didn't bother me at all.

"Yeah, whatever," I muttered back. Trying to supress my own unease. "The only one who's wrong will be you."

"We'll see." He pushed past me towards the change rooms. "But don't you ever forget. I'll do whatever it takes to protect my friends."

"Yeah, I get it," I muttered back but he probably didn't hear. "So would I."