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Memories of a Soul in the Underworld Chapter 53

Story: Ethan is a soul in the Underworld with no memory of his life on Earth. He is bought and sold by various masters for centuries. Traveling from large industrial towns to scorching hot deserts. During his journey he picks up the skills, knowledge and magic to escape his enslavement. He runs with the intent of living a free life, but is pursued by agents until he's cornered on a remote mountain range. With little time left, Ethan begins to recount his life and masters in the hope of leaving a record of his existence. These are his memories.

I can only imagine how Lucas must have felt when he returned to consciousness several hours later. The idiot groaned pathetically before his eyes fluttered open. First dumbly examining his own lap, then the ropes binding him to the chair, before his head shot up in horror. Frantically surveying the room that had been transformed beyond recognition.

Lucas' sad excuse for furniture had only been in the way, so I shoved it all against one wall to create an open space. The moldy carpet was next to go. Replaced with a sprawl of black insignias which spiraled across the floor and halfway up the walls. Crammed into every available corner until the wooden floorboards were transformed into a sea of black scribbles.

Crumbling demon bones and ancient artifacts lay woven in amongst the ink. Each one with its own unique effect to improve my original spell.

And then there was me. Standing in the center of the room with my back turned towards him. Covered in black ink while sharpening the idiot's largest kitchen knife. I took great pleasure in watching the blade shine with each stroke.

Lucas sucked in his breath with terror, then finally gained the confidence to speak.

"Tulip! What's the meaning of this!" he arrogantly spat out. As though the fool actually possessed an inch of power. "I demand that you release me at once!"

I sighed and turned to face the idiot. All fake emotion gone from my face. "I'm sorry for the terrible inconvenience, Young Master," I said with just the slightest hint of sarcasm. "But you must understand, this is just something that I have to do."

"What the frickin demon balls are you prattling on about, Tulip?" Lucas couldn't hide the panic in his voice. "I order you to release me at once!"

I failed to suppress my own laughter. Letting it out freely to Lucas' displeasure. It was hilarious how he thought that I'd actually listen.

"I'm afraid that I can't do that, Young Master." The title was used to mock him instead of a sign of respect. "You see, I need your help with one small itty bitty thing, Young Master."

"Tulip! Tulip! What are you doing!" Lucas cried out in fear as I slowly crept closer. "Get away from me at once!"

Lucas frantically struggled against the bonds holding him to the chair, then attempted to kick me away with his feet like a toddler throwing a tantrum. "Help! Help! For God's sake!" He screamed. "My soul's gone mad! Help! Please! Anyone!"

"I'm afraid that no one's coming to help you today, Lucas," I sighed, then stepped to the side to avoid his flailing legs.

"Please," the idiot begged. His gaze moved to the knife which dangerously hovered above his arm. "I'll give you anything," he cried with such desperation. "Just take whatever you want."

"But Lucas." I smiled. "That's exactly what I'm gonna do."

And with that I sliced straight into his arm with one dramatic slash. Not hard enough to kill him quickly, but just enough to make him bleed.

Crimson blood soon seeped from the wound and dripped down into the stone basin which I'd placed beneath his chair.

Lucas gazed on in terror, his face white as a sheet. As though the guy could see his own death.

The idiot made one last attempt to escape the bonds, but I dropped the knife and held his arm down. Making sure to collect every drop that I could. Trying my best to ignore his terrified face and cries of mercy.

It was better not to think of the man before me as human. Just as a necessary sacrifice to reach an end. One last unpleasant hurdle to crush and then I'd never have to stoop so low again.

Gradually, as the blood flowed and the bowl grew fuller. Lucas' struggles became weaker and his gaze less focused. As though it was a battle just to remain conscious.

I almost felt sorry for him.


I fully intended to bleed the idiot dry. Utilizing him to the fullest and then disposing of the body like a smart little murderer, but I instead found myself tightly bandaging his arm with my shirt. As though my dead hands had gained a mind of their own. It wouldn't stop the bleeding completely, but hopefully he'd live.

"Fuck you," were the words Lucas weakly rasped to thank me for kindly sparing his useless life.

I grabbed the stone basin of Lucas' blood and moved it to its rightful place in the center of the ink diagram. Carefully checking every object and line as Lucas moaned away in the corner.

All the preparations for my experiment were finally complete. The spell would either grant my greatest wish, or backfire in my face. Blowing me to pieces or transforming me into something far worse.

Any normal person would have hesitated. Just like I did.

Even starting to question if they were doing the right thing.

"Such a shoddy spell will never work," echoed imaginary Alistair behind my back. All knowing and haughty like usual.

I opened my mouth to defend myself, but someone else already beat me to it.

"How would you know? It's not like you've ever tried," snapped a voice I knew well.

I spun around to see Josephine. Dressed in the same blue dress that she wore when we first met. Her form solid and clear, even though there was no way that she could be real.

Both Josephine and Alistair sat on top of the furniture which I'd pushed against the wall. Him on a coffee table, and her gracefully perched on a sofa arm. Angrily glaring at each other as though willing the other to disappear.

Had they even known each other in real life? I could no longer remember.

"I pity the idiot who encouraged this finger painting," muttered Alistair. "He's going to blow up the house."

"Would it kill you to have a little faith," snapped Josephine. "Nothing will ever change unless you try to make it happen."

"Says the woman who died from her own spell."

"Says the idiot who couldn't fight back to defend himself."

"Self righteous hypocritical cow!"

"Vein overindulged fashion disaster!"

I coughed to grab their attention, and they both turned at the same time. "Ethan!" They chanted together. "You're on my side, right?"

I gazed at them both. Trying to memorize every detail. The first person I ever loved, and the woman who saved me from myself. I wanted to be together with them. So much so that it hurt, but they weren't real. Just crazy delusions that my mind made up to help cope with the crushing loneliness.

The real Alistair and Josephine were never coming back.

"Thank you both. For everything," I said. Forcing the words out of my mouth before I could back down. "But I can't keep talking with you. I've lived in the past for too long….If I'm to have any hope of moving forward, then I need to let you go."

"Ethan," Josephine said softly.

It was then that I almost cracked, but I swore that I would create a new life for myself. One where I wouldn't be constantly dragged down by the past.

"Goodbye," I said quickly and pulled myself away from the delusions. Spinning on my heels and vowing never to look back.

I took one step forward. Then another. Shedding my clothes and moving into the center of the diagram. Stepping right into the basin of blood. If this was going to be the end, then I could at least be content with knowing that I didn't back down.

I picked up a piece of string attached to a large yellow crystal across the room. Tugging it towards me. The crystal slid to the edge of the ink diagram, then connected with one thick black line. All the insignias instantly glowed gold, basking the room in a blinding yellow light.

"What the… Tulip!" Screamed Lucas. His chair violently banging against the floor as he tried to slip free. "Stop it! Stop it at once!"

The light remained for several seconds. Blinding me. When it faded I was shocked to see nothing but smoke.

A terrible sign.

The black smog cleared to unveil smoldering insignias, and several artifacts that had been burnt to black crisps. The last remains of a spell which barely held itself together.

Lucas' blue eyes were wide open in horror as he stared right at me. Stupid mouth making frantic gasping sounds, as though the result of my experiment was too horrifying to comprehend.

Fearing the worst, I looked straight to my hand, expecting to see the thing of nightmares, but instead, my dead translucent palm had become a pale pink. Solid and living like a real mortal's skin. As though red arteries pulsed under the surface.

I reached to my head and grabbed a fist full of hair, which was still ghostly white, but when I tugged on a strand it came loose from my scalp. Something unimaginable for an ordinary soul.

The final test was when I used the sharp edge of the bowl to scratch my own hand. Nervously staring at the mark which I didn't think would appear. The small cut changed color, then like a real person, small drops of crimson blood seeped through to the surface.

Just like a forgotten dream from long ago.

My new body shook as uncontrollable laughter burst forth from my throat. Echoing throughout the narrow room.

I'd actually done it.

I'd transcended the barrier between the living and the dead.

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