Published July 20, 2018 by

Reflections on Writing "Memories of a Soul in the Underworld."

I finally finished my free story Memories of a Soul in the Underworld,  so I thought I’d take some time to reflect on the story and the writing process. Here is some insight into the writing process and my thoughts on the story.

Story themes

For me, the point of the story is someone overcoming their terrible circumstances and past tramas to reach a goal. Over the years I encountered many people who would say I wanted to do this, but I didn’t have the opportunity, or I tried once, but I failed. Sometimes these were people who could achieved their goal, if only they tried a little harder, or still could, but they didn’t believe that it was possible. If my story could inspire someone like that to reach for their goal, then I think that writing it may have been worth it.
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