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How I was Murdered by a Fox Monster Chapter 11

Summary: They say life flashes before you in that moment before death. I could see it all reflected in the blade. I was standing under the cherry blossoms at my school entrance ceremony, eating cake at my sister's wedding, standing outside praying the monster wouldn't come tonight. I might not be dead yet but I can see what's coming, this is the story of how I was murdered by a fox monster! 

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Chapter 11

Nothing eventful happened until a few weeks later when I arrived at homeroom one Monday to find my classmate, Yuto Murakami, had attracted himself a large group of students.

He was sitting on top of his desk while everyone else crowded around.

On Friday he was just another quiet nobody, but that day everyone was looking up at him like he was the messiah.

I was puzzled how a boring guy like him could pull in such a crowd, so I approached Keira for the answers.

“What's going on here?” I asked.

“Just go over and listen,” said Keira without taking his eyes off his smartphone game.

“I was walking home late last night,” said Yuto in a hushed voice. “You know, after club activities and stuff. The moon was really bright, and the streets were dead. Dead as a graveyard. The wind blew through the trees, creating an eerie noise which was like," he paused. "Ghosts calling out to me from beyond the grave. I walked quickly, trying to get home faster. My shoes echoed on the pavement like this,” he did an impression of stamping. “Everything was fine, fine I tell you, until all of a sudden I saw someone else in the distance strolling towards me. His hair was bleached blonde and he was clad in a leather jacket and sunglasses. There was also some sort of tattoo on his face. He looked pretty sketchy so I guess he may have been in a gang. I panicked and dived behind a nearby garden fence. The grass was cold and wet, but I refused to move until that shady guy was out of sight.” Yuto paused. The classroom was dead silent and we all waited for him to continue. “It looked like he was going to walk by, but as soon as he reached my fence he stopped. I was afraid he'd seen me, so I peered through to see what he was doing. I was prepared to run for help if I had to, but that was when it happened.”

“When what happened?” asked someone from the crowd.

Yuto took a deep breath. “Hair grew from his face, his figure bent and shrunk until he was standing on all fours. He shed his clothes and howled at the moon,” Yuto raised his hands for dramatic purposes. “And before I knew it, he had transformed, into a werewolf!

One of the girls screamed, and had to be consoled by a nearby friend who wasn't too happy.

“Don't be ridiculous! You're making it up,” she said.

“Yeah! Who would believe such a stupid story,” said a guy in the front row. “It is just a story right?”

“I swear that it really happened,” protested Yuto. “I was there, I saw everything. It's still out there even as we speak.”

His story gets better every time he tells it,” said Keira. “The first time wasn't nearly this exciting.”

“Did you hear that!” I exclaimed. “For all we know there could be rabid werewolves running around town. Aren't you worried?”

“He's just trying to get attention,” Keira suddenly gritted his teeth and his fingers stopped punching the screen. “Damn, I lost my game.”

Mana was also standing off to the side. She gave a small nod to Itsuki and he got out of his chair and left the classroom. I had a feeling he'd left to find Taisei. Maybe werewolf extermination was one of their many exorcist skills.

It was difficult to concentrate for the rest of class when there was a werewolf invasion on the horizon. What if Yuto's mysterious wolf bit one person, who then bit another person, and before we knew it, the whole town could be infested?

I attempted to find Taisei during lunch, but unfortunately he had just found out that the girl he liked, Yui Murase, had been flirting with most of the school's male population.

He was lying down on a bench in the courtyard, obviously wallowing in misery. He was surrounded by his fellow third year classmates who were attempting to console him.

“Yui. Why? Why? Why!” Taisei moaned. “That university student, the electrician, and even Daiki Souma.”

“It's not so bad man, you didn't know, the rest of us only just found out too,” said one of his friends.

“There are plenty of girls out there. What about that first year you always hang around with?” asked another. “The cute one with the short hair and pigtails.”

“That's my sister!”

I eventually found Kiyori at the back of the sports shed with a group of friends.

Kiyori and I had been getting along quite well, and I often hung out with his group of friends in break time. His posse and I didn't hit it off at first (they were tall, large, intimidating, and one of them even had a beard) but I thought they were cool, despite their habit of pushing the first years around. The only small snag in our friendship was when the guy with the beard attempted to extort me for my lunch money without realizing that Kiyori was my friend.

The advantage of being friends was that no one tried to mess with me anymore. There was once a stage where it looked like the Daisuke Matsu-morron nickname might spread like wildfire, but luckily hanging out with Kiyori's group helped put a stop to it.

“Hey Daisuke,” called the guy with the beard. “What's up?”

Hey..You,” I said. I always called him the guy with the beard in my head so I couldn't  remember his real name. “I just wanted to ask Kiyori something.”

“Hmmm,” said Kiyori. He was halfway through munching on a bread bun.

I knew it was probably best to ask later when we were alone, but there was only two minutes left of break time. I could not take another hour of dealing with werewolf anxiety (the term I invented to describe my current feelings) and Kiyori's friends were pretty cool, so I decided to just say it.

“One of my classmates was almost attacked by a rabid werewolf, and soon the entire town could be in the mist of a werewolf infestation.”

Wow, that's intense bro,” said one of Kiyori's friends, a pale guy who attached bro to the end of every sentence. “Someone should really do something about that bro.”

“Ha, ha,” laughed Kiyori nervously. “He's so funny, isn't he?” Kiyori quickly grabbed my arm and pulled me aside. “We'll talk about it at home later,” he hissed before pushing me back out into the yard.

I spent the rest of the day anxiously biting my nails until school was over and we could finally go to headquarters.

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