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How I Was Murdered by a Fox Monster Character talk: Itsuki

This is a post that I actually wrote a few years ago about Itsuki, but I recently edited it and decided to post it again.

Book One Recap SPOILERS (You can find book one here!)

Itsuki was first introduced as Daisuke's rival in love for Mana and nemesis. He is rude, unfriendly, and sees Daisuke as a complete idiot who should have never been allowed to become an exorcist. Which is actually an accurate observation.

Part of his anger stems from not being allowed to go to the school that he wanted to. Although Itsuki is a great exorcist and excels at training, he has no desire to remain with the organisation and wants to distance himself as much as possible. Perhaps this desire to get out comes from some terrible event in his past. wink wink.

Itsuki is also gifted with the very rare ability to sense if someone is a monster. He keeps this a secret because if the exorcist organisation ever found out, they would certainly refuse to let him go.

Daisuke and Itsuki don't get along at all and spend most of the book fighting until Daisuke is captured by wolf monsters. Luckily for him Itsuki jumps through the window to save the day. Itsuki sees Daisuke crying and beings to sympathise with him. The two of them have a deep heart to heat, and Daisuke promises that he will become a great exorcist so that Itsuki  can leave the organisation. The two of them finally become friends, and Itsuki defeats the wold monsters and saves the day.

Their happy days don't last long before the fox monster appears at Daisuke's school with the indention of eating him alive. Itsuki manages to slow down the monster, but the two of them can do nothing but run to headquarters. This leads to a show down between all the exorcists and the fox monster. She beats them all one by one until only Daisuke, Itsuki, and Mana remain. Itsuki chooses to sacrifice himself and asks Daisuke to run with Mana. Itsuki tries his best to keep this promise, but Mana refuses to leave Itsuki behind and ends up getting terribly injured.

The next time Itsuki and Daisuke meet, Daisuke expects a warm welcome from his friend, but is instead greeted by a cold angry Itsuki  who accuses him of being a monster, and then tries to kill him!

Is Daisuke really a monster? Is it all just one big mistake? Will they ever be friends again? You need to read part How I Was Murdered by a Monster King to find out! (Check out a sample here!

My thoughts on Itsuki

Itsuki is probably the character that I put the most thought into after Daisuke. I like to think of him as the sort of guy who could be the hero of his own story. He's strong, brave, smart, has special powers, and is the sort of guy who hardly looses at anything. He also slowly grew more and more complex as I wrote the story. He was originally not meant to become Daisuke's friend, but he is such a kind guy that I couldn't imagine him hating Daisuke forever.

Although Itsuki can be very angry and apprehensive at times, he is someone who cares very deeply for his friends, and he would do anything to protect them. Even if it hurts him. He especially cares for Mana who has been his friend since childhood. Itsuki currently has more important things to worry about than getting a girlfriend, but that could change in the future.

I still have lots more plans and developments for Itsuki. So please support the How I Was Murdered by a Fox Monster series if you have the chance!

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They say life flashes before you in that moment before death. I could see it all reflected in the blade. I was standing under the cherry blossoms at my school entrance ceremony, eating cake at my sister's wedding, standing outside praying the monster wouldn't come tonight. I might not be dead yet but I can see what's coming, this is the story of how I was murdered by a fox monster!

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