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How I Was Murdered by a Fox Monster: Character Talk: The Late Daisuke Matsumoto

For my next character talk, I would like to talk about the late Daisuke Matsumoto and his role in my story How I Was Murdered by a Fox Monster even though he doesn’t make an appearance. This is a post that I actually wrote a few years ago, but I recently edited it and decided to post it again.

Book One Recap SPOILERS (You can find book one here!)

The late Daisuke Matsumoto was the son of Kousuke Matsumoto, Kanako’s older brother, and the older step brother of Daisuke Matsumoto who shares the same name.

He was an exorcist genius who was immensely talented and defeated countless monsters with ease. He became famous amongst exorcists around the world, and he really brought about a golden age for the exorcist organization.

He was strong studious and kind, but the truth behind that genius was that he was under immense pressure from his father Kousuke Matsumoto. Kousuke was injured by an S-level monster in his youth which left him incapable of battling high-level monsters. He instead forced his dreams and ambitions onto his only son. Daisuke Matsumoto was trained from birth by his father to become a great exorcist. Daisuke had very few talents that weren’t related to battling monsters, and even failed high school. His sister Kanako was also often forced to clean his room and wash his clothes so that her brother could spend more time training.

Daisuke was an unstoppable exorcist until he was caught off guard and murdered by a pretty girl who was actually a fox monster. Kousuke blamed himself for his son’s death and cut himself off from the world and the exorcist organisation. Many years later he adopted a young boy who he also named Daisuke Matsumoto after his dead son. This boy is the protagonist of the story How I Was Murdered by a Fox Monster.

My thoughts on the character

The late Daisuke Matsumoto never makes an appearance in the story, so we only hear about him from other characters. Many young exorcists grow up hearing all about him, which is why the young exorcists decided to approach the younger Daisuke at school after hearing about his name. His sister Kanako was also deeply affected by his death and found it difficult to talk about him at all until the younger Daisuke entered the exorcist world.

I think the late Daisuke Matsumoto is an interesting character because he shows how much our lives (and the lives of people around us) can be affected by dead people who we have never met. The late Daisuke Matsumoto still lives on through his living friends and relatives. I would like to do a short story about him and his youth if I ever get the chance.

You can check out more about the two Daisuke Matsumoto’s here in my story How I Was Murdered by a Fox Monster.

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            Daisuke Matsumoto here! I see you picked up my book. I knew you would because it's awesome, inspirational, life changing, and it's all about me!

            Let’s start from the beginning. I was adopted by an old man who named me after his dead son, creepy right? He used to tell me stories of monsters who hide within our world and attack humans. I thought he made it all up to scare me, but I just met a group of exorcists who confirmed my worst fear, monsters are real! If that wasn’t enough to freak me out I discovered Grandpa was up to some shady stuff, Sis has secrets stashed away, and any hot chick could be a monster plotting to rip my insides out!

God must hate me, because I don’t know my own past, my real name, and……Akito? Hey, what’s up with the knife Akito?

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