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How I Was Murdered by a Fox Monster: Character Talk: The Late Daisuke Matsumoto

For my next character talk, I would like to talk about the late Daisuke Matsumoto and his role in my story How I Was Murdered by a Fox Monster even though he doesn’t make an appearance. This is a post that I actually wrote a few years ago, but I recently edited it and decided to post it again.

Book One Recap SPOILERS (You can find book one here!)

The late Daisuke Matsumoto was the son of Kousuke Matsumoto, Kanako’s older brother, and the older step brother of Daisuke Matsumoto who shares the same name.

He was an exorcist genius who was immensely talented and defeated countless monsters with ease. He became famous amongst exorcists around the world, and he really brought about a golden age for the exorcist organization.

He was strong studious and kind, but the truth behind that genius was that he was under immense pressure from his father Kousuke Matsumoto. Kousuke was injured by an S-level monster in his youth which left him incapable of battling high-level monsters. He instead forced his dreams and ambitions onto his only son. Daisuke Matsumoto was trained from birth by his father to become a great exorcist. Daisuke had very few talents that weren’t related to battling monsters, and even failed high school. His sister Kanako was also often forced to clean his room and wash his clothes so that her brother could spend more time training.

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How I Was Murdered by a Fox Monster Character talk: Itsuki

This is a post that I actually wrote a few years ago about Itsuki, but I recently edited it and decided to post it again.

Book One Recap SPOILERS (You can find book one here!)

Itsuki was first introduced as Daisuke's rival in love for Mana and nemesis. He is rude, unfriendly, and sees Daisuke as a complete idiot who should have never been allowed to become an exorcist. Which is actually an accurate observation.

Part of his anger stems from not being allowed to go to the school that he wanted to. Although Itsuki is a great exorcist and excels at training, he has no desire to remain with the organisation and wants to distance himself as much as possible. Perhaps this desire to get out comes from some terrible event in his past. wink wink.

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November Writing update

Hello and welcome to my November writing update. These are post that I try and do once a month to talk about what I'm currently working on, as well as my attempts at self-promotion and selling ebooks.

Sorry for the delay in this writing update. I decided to dedicate any writing time I had to trying to finish my story, so I decided to skip doing them for a little while. I also recently went back to working one of my part-time jobs which I do on public holidays and weekends (the world is cruel and I need more cash) so I haven't had as much time for writing as I would like.
As great as the experience and money is, I find my current workload overwhelming at times, physically and mentally, so I hope to quit it sometime next year and give myself some more free time.

As for my writing, I'm currently still working on my free story Memories of a Soul in the Underworld. You can read it for free online here. At the moment I've been focusing more on trying to just finish it, than lamenting over every single chapter, or what I've written so far. There are still some scenes and conversations in previous chapters that I'm not so please with, so I could like to one day go back and fix them. I also want to try working on the first chapter more to make it more exciting and do a better job of drawing the reader in.

I recently made a new cover. You can see it here on the left. I can't really afford to pay someone to make the cover for me, and stock photos are also expensive, so I drew the picture and designed it myself. I'm no good at actual art, so I decided to aim for abstract art. I'm pretty happy with the current result, but I may end up changing my mind again after a few months.

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments section.

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