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How I was Murdered by a Fox Monster fixed version.

I recently had some time off from work in August, and I spent some time going through my first story How I was Murdered by a Fox Monster  and fixed some of the typos and mistakes that I unfortunately over looked in my first edit. I uploaded the fixed version about a month ago.

As for the story, I didn't change much. I originally wrote it in 2012 so most the characters had flip phones, (the smartphone boom hadn't quite hit Japan yet) so I changed them to smartphones to try and keep the story more relevant. Kiyori also had a few lines which didn't seem quite in character, and there were a few sentences of descriptions that I didn't think had to be there. Daisuke also spent too much time referring to his own death, so I decreased some of those references to try and give the story a better flow.

You can now grab the new updated version in the Amazon store on Kindle and Paperback. I also uploaded it to Smashwords.

Grab it here on Amazon

I honestly tried my best to fix everything, but I'm too poor to hire a copy writer and I often worry that I missed something. If you purchase this ebook, then discover any typos, mistakes, or errors, send me an email with details of the mistake, and I'll send you a free copy of my story Khan and the Kingdom without Gods. 

Please send an email to with the subject found and error in How I was Murdered by a Fox Monster and I will send it out to you.