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New scene added to "Memories of a Soul" chapter two

Like always I’ve recently been trying to improve my current story in progress Memories of a Soul in the Underworld. I’ll probably be working on it until I’m eighty, but recently I’ve been working on the beginning in an attempt to make it more interesting and engaging.

I recently realised that Alastair had no introduction scene. He is often talked about as being a party boy, but I had no party scenes, and he was first introduced as being more serious and paranoid. Therefore I wanted to write a scene showing the more flamboyant Alistair. I also wanted it to be more light hearted and amusing in an attempt to balance out some of the darker scenes that come later on.
I also had the problem of introducing too main characters at once in chapter two, so this scene means that Alistair, Mira, Alphonse, and the others are introduced more slowly.

I also wanted to explain more about how magic works in the Underworld, and show more of a comparison between how Alistair and Ethan use magic.
For Alistair it comes easily and he can achieve almost any spell he wants through chanting spells, whereas it’s impossible for Ethan. He’s at a big disadvantage and must improvise and create his own way of using magic just to be half as good.

I also threw in a few more lines about the creation of the Underworld (or their interpretation of it) and why regular human beings are there. Because they at some point travelled there from Earth and took over.

You can check out the new version of the chapter here. I will also be updating the story file on Amazon too. Feel free any feedback in the comments section.