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M.C.Queen Reads " Final Fantasy X-2.5 ~Eien no Daishō~" A rough translation. Part 1

Having recently finished Final Fantasy X, I was curious about what happened next in the story after Tidus returns. After some investigation I found out about the novel FFX2.5 which doesn't have an English translation. I decided to give the Japanese version ago, and I decided to write a rough translation of the story as I read, so that I can share what really happens with other Final Fantasy X fans.

Disclaimer: I am not an official translator. I have a degree in Japanese, and lived in Japan for years, but I'm still not perfect. I'm going to try my best to translate all the dialogue, but there were some vague or difficult descriptions that I decided to skip, and sentences that I decided to swap for more natural English equivalents. I also added a few "he said, she said" to make it easier to tell who's speaking. Please think of this as a rough translation and don't treat it like it 100% accurate.

Please support Final Fantasy by buying the official translation if it becomes available.

Part: 1, 2, 3 

Final Fantasy X-2.5 ~Eien no Daishō~

Boy's Side 

Tidus was in the middle of darkness. Memories replay in his head. He saw both his mother and father. A man with long hair and a thin woman.

They were both gone.

His father disappeared one day, and then his mother died of loneliness. He remembered how much it hurt that day.

The next moment he was amongst a large crowd. He responded with a proud smile. Perhaps the pain in his heart had somehow healed.

A giant monster attacked his city, Zanarkand. It was strange of him to have run away in fear.

It’s okay. It’s because he came for you.

Eventually Tidus crossed the Spira ocean and arrived on land. He was confused about a world that was completely different from his home, but the kindness of people touched him and somehow brought a smile back on his face.

He made friends and they went on a journey together. He swung a sword and fought monsters.

When he realised it, he had fallen in love. It was a love that felt like the ending had been decided from the day they confirmed their feelings.

He didn’t want to accept fate so he resisted, but it wasn’t the enemy.

He saw a sea of clouds. It was the memory of the day he left Spira.

There was his back. He turned and ran off the airship’s deck. Jumping into the clouds.

His heart hurt like it was torn into a thousand pieces.


That echo rocked his head.

Yuna… I’ve come back!

The world became clear. The overflowing darkness and his own vision became clear.

He felt like he was free of the chaotic darkness.

I’m going!

He gathered his fighting spirit and kicked the darkness, moving his body a little closer to Yuna’s world.

Eventually he could feel the boundary above his head. The boundary between here and there.

Perhaps it was the symbol of a glittering world, but he saw a flashing wall of light inviting him. Higher and higher he went. He was better at swimming than anything else.

It’s so bright.

On the other side of the wall lay a blue and white world.  He flinched at the rich texture of the air which he inhaled from his nose to his lungs. He had completely forgotten the sensation of breathing.

There was a large open sea before his eyes. While thinking of how extravagant it was, he had a feeling that something huge was moving beneath his feet.

It was the somewhat living darkness he was in before. It was like it would pull him back under the moment he wasn’t paying attention.

Is that so? I’ve come back.

When he turned around there was Besaid. It hadn’t changed since the first time he saw it. (describes scenery about mountains)

He whistled to the desolate coast.

There was no reply but he felt at ease. The information that he was receiving from all his senses was real. Even if he didn’t get a reply, he could experience things himself and it felt comfortable to feel.

Yuna...Where are you?

At that moment there was a roar from the sky.

An extravagant purple painted airship came towards him from the sky. He ran without thinking. And then the top of the ship turned and the bottom hatch opened.

Yuna jumped out from the inside like she had been waiting.

She used the hatch as a slide and energetically jumped out into the sea. It was strange to see her in such lively clothes. For a moment he thought she was different from the Yuna he knew,  but his unease disappeared when he saw how excited the girl coming towards him was.

In that moment, the excitement of having her to himself, reached the part of his heart which had never been loved.

Are you real?” Asked Yuna after some hesitation. Like she was prepared.


He wanted her to give him the answer. She slowly backed away like searching for affirmation, or perhaps some sort of fault.

“Whatcha think?

“Real...Welcome back”

He felt relieved.

“I’m home.”

He said it while embracing Yuna. No, He clung to her.

For a moment one thought crossed his mind. If I’d been rejected by Yuna what would become of me?

“I’m home,” he said it in her ear again and again, until Yuna wrapped her arm around his waist to welcome him back.

“Oi!” Cried a voice in the distance. “Get a room!”


He looked to see a large crowd of people in the narrow cove. Wakka, Lulu, and many of the of villagers.

“Don’t interfere man,” said Tidus.

Tidus took Yuna’s hand and ran towards Wakka and the others.

“Hey, it’s kind of like it’s changed, right?” Asked Tidus to Yuna.

“Of course! Because lots of stuff happened.”

It was a pretentious answer, but no matter what happened in her story, the ending meant that they could happily run and hold hands at that moment.

“I want to hear about it!”

Thoughts: This scene basically summed up the perfect ending of FFX2 when Tidus and Yuna reunite. Some interesting points were that it mentioned how lonely Tidus became after the death of his parents, and how being a Blitzball star, and making friends in Spira eased some of the loneliness of his heart.

Tidus managed to escape the darkness, move through a glimmering wall, but then the darkness is still in the ocean beneath his feat. Looking like it's ready to suck him back in when he's not paying attention. Maybe it's become some sort of strange stalker?

The book mentions that Tidus is better at swimming than anything. He's have to be to stay underwater for hours like a fish without breathing.

Tidus is surprised at how Yuna looks different. All the other characters have changed and been through a lot in two years, but Tidus is basically the same as the day that he disappeared. I wonder if this will cause some conflict between him and the others.

The book also mentioned one of Yuna's answers as sounding pretentious, or up herself. I'm not sure how this is supposes to be interpreted. Perhaps Yuna has learnt a lot on her own over two years and gained a lot of confidence, which Tidus may come off as pretentious compared to her younger self.

The next part: In the next part Tidus goes into the village and meets the other characters such as Rikku, Lulu.  He also gets irritated over Yuna have other commitments and not paying him attention. I'll try and upload some more when I get the chance!

Part: 1, 2, 3

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