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Final Fantasy X-2.5 ~Eien no Daishō~" A rough translation. Part 2

Part: 1, 2, 3

Disclaimer: I am not an official translator. I have a degree in Japanese, and lived in Japan for years, but I'm still not perfect. I'm going to try my best to translate all the dialogue, but there were some vague or difficult descriptions that I decided to skip, and sentences that I decided to swap for more natural English equivalents. I also added a few "he said, she said" to make it easier to tell who's speaking. Please think of this as a rough translation and don't treat it like it 100% accurate.

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Part: 1, 2, 3

The villagers had actually come out to meet Yuna who had been gone for a while. Tidus was of course welcomed by the one’s who knew him. Datto, Letty, Botta, Jassu, Keepa, from his old team, the Besaid Aurochs.

While happily meeting everyone again, Wakka enthusiastically held out a baby in his arms.

"This is my kid Vidina, isn’t he cute?"

"Yeah, gave birth to him?"

"That would be me."

He heard a defiant voice from behind him. When he turned around the first thing he saw was a large bosom. It was Lulu.

“Still as beautiful as ever.”

Lulu laughed softly and took the baby from Wakka.

“Didn’t I tell you not to expose him to the sea breeze.”

“Hey, he’s an island kid.”

“Didn’t I say to wait until the start of the morning tide?"

“But Lulu!”

Tidus laughed and placed himself between the two.

“Anyway, congratulations! So it did turn out like that in the end? Of course you got together, right? It’s just as I predicted!”

“That’s right. Even though he sometimes gets on my nerves.”

“Hey! Hey!”

“By the way,” Lulu ignored Wakka and turned to Tidus. “Does this mean you’ll be here for a while?”

“I would like to, if it’s possible.”

He became a little uneasy.

“Hey, don’t misunderstand,” said Lulu. “Of course we welcome you back, but..” She looked around to see that people had begun to move. “Let’s just go back to the village for the time being.”

She covered the baby back in the blanket and joined the group heading back to the village. The most important thing to her was the baby. Of course Tidus understood that, but he still felt a hint of loneliness.

Wakka happily patted Tidus on the shoulder.

“Okay, let’s go!”

On the road to the village the Aurochs came to talk with him one after the other. Thanks to them, it felt like he had been there for everything that happened while he was away.  (It talks about everything going on with the team)

They arrived at the village after half an hour.

“There should be a party this evening,” said Lulu. “It’s held by the elders. Please show your face and help out. It’ll leave a good impression. If you want to take a rest you can use that tent.”

She pointed to the largest tent in the village. It was the Crusaders headquarters.

“What will the Crusaders do?”

“They’re living as they like now. These are the times now. Also, Yuna’s room is in the temple….. It’s the same as before.”

“Giving him hints now are you?” Said Wakka as he moved firewood for the party.

Tidus felt his face turn red.

“What’s that,” spat Lulu coldly. “It means that he shouldn’t go there. It’s best to avoid any actions that could be misunderstood. In the least, she can’t even introduce you to the elders, Tidus. And that aside, how you’ll be interpreted by everyone here is up to you. Ever since the temples stopped functioning Yuna has become the center of everyone’s hearts.
Don’t forget this. Only Yuna herself can’t live freely.”

“Is Yuna….unhappy?”

“Well. That’s something you should ask her yourself.”

“If I ask her that she’ll probably misunderstand.”

“From what I’ve seen. She’s always holding her breath while in the village, she feels a great sense of responsibility. Therefore she’s been flying around all over the place with Rikku and friends.

“What have they been doing?”

“You should ask her that herself. But anyway, don’t do anything that could trouble Yuna.”


Tidus went back to talking to the Aurochs once Lulu returned to her tent.

Yuna was before the temple, in a place where he could easily call out to her, but he couldn’t.

Everyone wanted to talk to her, but the temple people didn’t make to effort to let her go.

Of course Yuna could make up an excuse and leave her seat, she didn’t have that type of personality.

That was Yuna.

Her kindness was one of her strengths, but sometimes, like now, it was unpleasant.

Of course Yuna wants to talk to you, said Wakka while watching what was going on, but the elders have become set on not letting her go.

“What is this, it’s like you’re giving me a warning.”

“A warning? Hey, it’s because I used to be Yuna’s guard. I lived up to the task. I’m famous, and whose not to say that I’m well respected too?”

“According to you perhaps,” said a voice from behind them.

Tidus turned to the owner of the criticizing voice to see Rikku.

Most of her exposed skin was tanned gold, and she looked fiercer than he remembered.

“Hey! Long time no see!”

Once she was finished greeting him, she turned around and yelled at someone behind her.

The one who appeared was a masculine woman with her hair shortly cut at the sides. Her exposed shoulders and black clothing made her look more like an adult compared to Rikku.

“This is Paine. She’s a friend who’s been working together with Yuna and I until now.”

“I’ve been hearing a lot about you from Yuna, so much so that I can’t take it anymore.”

Paine looked at Tidus like she was judging him.

“It’s been two years right, however,” Rikku examined his face so closely that their noses almost touched.

Two years. When he heard of how much time had passed his stomach became heavy.  He was prepared for the future from the conversations he’d had until then. However.

Two years was……....

“You haven’t changed at all,” said Rikku.

He didn’t know if he should laugh or cry at those words. In the end he couldn’t decide, and just laughed.

“Like those?”

(Rikku get’s embarrassed and looks to her chest. Yuna sees.)

“They won’t change, huh.” 

She said it without thinking, and Tidus saw that Yuna looked interested. She was dressed in her usual style, but perhaps she had changed something.

“Hey, look back here, I’m talking to you,” snapped Rikku. “Hey, there’s something different about you.”

“Didn’t you just say that I hadn’t changed at all.”

“That’s just from the outside. But I feel like you’ve changed on the inside. Before you were more..stupid….but on the flip-side you were kind of friendly.”

“You’re so mean.”

It was a real complaint, but it didn’t seem like Rikku noticed. After she finished smiling she began talking about what had happened over the past two years.

Thoughts and translation notes.

So it turns out all the villagers were there to meet Yuna not Tidus. It was just an added bonus that he was there too.

In the original Japanese version of the game Wakka’s kid is actually called Inami not Vidina, which sounds completely different. I wonder why they decided to change it?

The first think Tidus looks at when he sees Lulu is her chest.

Tidus is now the new guy in a small town and apparently cracking onto their beloved Yuna won’t go down well with the elders. I guess he was only in the village for a short period during the original game so they probably don’t know him well.

Rikku feels that Tidus is different. She comments that he used to be stupid, but friendly, so how does she view this Tidus?

I suppose Tidus had many tough choices and personal sacrifices at the end of FFX which changed him forever. He may also feel uneasy about how all his friends have moved in and created lives without him.

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