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Useful Writing Websites

Here is a list of useful website and groups that you can use if you're interested in writing fiction. If you know any good websites, feel free to post them in the comments section.

In Need of Ideas?

Here are a few websites to get you started, or help you out if you're stuck.

Creative writing prompts are great if you're looking for ideas or just want to practice your writing.

A great website full of quotes descriptions and writing prompts to help you out when you're stuck, of having trouble describing a scene or place.

Critique Groups

Putting your work up for critique may be a heart wrenching experience and may make you want to give up on writing forever, but getting feedback on your writing is a great way to improve, so I highly recommend posting your work for critique at least once or twice. Here are some useful groups that you can find on Reddit.

A general writing group where you can post writing from an genre. This group is pretty relaxed with not too many rules, but it's less popular compared to other groups, so you may not be able to get much feedback on your work.

A great group where you can get feedback on your fantasy writing. It's also pretty active. They prefer you to share a Google Document rather than a text post. You can upload your word files to Google Docs here, and then share them with the group.

Like the name says this group aims to be brutally honest about your writing to try and help you improve. It is a little strict, so they require you to comment on other users work before you can post your own. Check out the FAQ here to learn more.

Free Websites to post original fiction

Posting your work for free is a great way to gain exposure and get feedback, but beware. Many of these site are becoming less free and more commercial as time passes. If you are just starting out and have very little content, it may not be wise to pay money to promote your stories until you have a few finished.

A great free website to post your original poems and stories to the web. Users can leave reviews on your work, as well as high text and commenting on individual mistakes or parts that they like. There are also various forums where you can talk to other writers.

Just posting your work once or twice won't get you much exposure. You can also send messages to other members and request them to look at your work. So I recommend this website if you're interested in networking with other authors.

Seems less popular than Bookie, but the original story version of the popular website There are many categories where you can post original work, but it has less promotion and networking opportunities compared to Booksie.

This websites story follow feature is very useful, and the mobile version is super simple for those who have little internet data, so I recommend this website for people who enjoy reading original stories.

This website is slowly become more commercial. I haven't used it in many years, but last time I checked it was popular among younger people who enjoy romance stories. If has a collection of original fiction and fanfiction, so you can have a try witting and posting both. The follow and chat features are similar to Facebook, so this site could be fun if you enjoy social networking.

Know any other great websites? Feel free to mention them in the comments section.

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