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Memories of a Soul in the Underworld New Cover Art


I've recently been working on new cover art for my story "Memories of a Soul in the Underworld" (read it here and the picture on the left is my best result so far. Please forgive my terrible drawing. My artistic skills are currently limited to drawing strange cartoons for small children.

I don't really have the money or resources to get someone else to make a cover for me, so I usually do it myself. There are plenty of stock photos out there that you can use for free, but the good ones do cost money, and the free ones aren't so good. I was also worried about rights. Therefore I decided to draw it myself.

I really wanted to draw a scene of Ethan walking through the snow looking all emotional, but I felt like an all white cover wouldn't really stand out much on a website with a white background like Amazon, so I decided to go darker colours.

I originally drew the picture in pencil, then scanned it onto my computer and coloured in with a paint program. It took hours and plenty of experimenting. Even now I'm not completly satisfied with the final result. I would have rather draw smaller lines and paid more attention to fine details, but this is an online story, so people will only see the small size. Therefore I thought it was better to draw a picture that was easy to understand when it was minimised.

My colouring is terrible, so I decided to deliberately ignore certain lines and go for a more rushed approach. I added some flames into his eyes to try and make it look like the fires of Hell were reflected in them. I'll add this picture to my Booksie and Fictionpress account, so feel free to let me know what you think. :)