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April Writing Update

Hello and welcome to my April writing update. These are short posts that I do once a month to talk about what I've been working on recently among other things.

I recently had a three month vacation from work so I managed to write lots of new content for my free story Diary of a Soul in the Underworld. 

You can check out all the latest chapters here. 

Unfortunately I had to go back to work (damn those adult responsibilities) so most of my updates will go back to being just once or twice a month.

I would like to thank everyone who liked or retweeted some of my updates. You may think that just clicking like or retweet may not do much, but it actually helps me out a lot, and helps drive new readers to my work.

It's been over ten months since I first started Diary of a Soul, so I recently started going back to edit the earlier chapters. I found some mistakes that I over looked before.

I didn't make any big changes, but I did cut unnecessary descriptions and some confusing scenes. I also edited a scene in chapter nine when Alistair first meets Ethan and tries to hit on him. You can go back to check out the old chapters to see what's different.

I also posted the first few chapters on a fantasy writing critique group on Reddit. It's a little heart wrenching to have people pick you story apart, but I appreciate people taking the time to read my story for free, and I did get some good advice on how to make it better. I recommend all authors to try putting their work up for critique at least once, and it's important to thank the people who give free feedback, not matter how brutal it is.

One constant thing that showed up during the feedback was that the story doesn't really seem like a diary, and I have to agree. I want to keep the content the way it is, so I'm considering changing the story name to Memories of a Soul in the Underword.  Please let my know what you think. I'll probably change the name online once I design a new cover.

I finally got my fist Amazon review for my previous story How I was Murdered by a Monster King.  I have seriously given away hundreds of kindle copies for free since July in the hope of increasing sales or getting some reviews, and now someone has finally left one.
I know that it's quite short, but I appreciate it very much!
If you have downloaded any of my stories for free on Amazon, please consider leaving a review, no matter how short it is. It would help me a lot!

In darker news I recently discovered someone trying to promote an audio book version of my story on Youtube. I never approved it, and I'm certain that it was just a scam to try and make people sign up for an audio book website. I have discovered a few website which claim that if you sign up you can download my story for free, but they are all mostly scams which are just trying to take your money. If you would like to purchase my stories, they are legally available on Amazon, Smashwords, and most legitimate ebook stores.
Authors make very little money to begin with, so please purchase stories from sites where the money goes to the original author.

Recently I've decided to treat writing as more of a hobby than a career. I've been writing original stories for the past five years and I've finally gotten to the stage where I earn about $1 a month from selling stories. That's actually an improvement compared to before.
I really do want to write more, but the constant struggling and lack of success is driving me insane. I need to step back and try to disconnect a little. Therefore I've been spending more time outside exercising and on other hobbies so that I don't have a mental breakdown.

Many self publishing website such as Amazon advertise that you can make a lot of money through ebooks, but it's actually pretty difficult. I've seen plenty of posts by people who are struggling as well. I've come to accept that it may be impossible to make a decent amount of money from my work, so I'm now working on other goals such as make my story the best it can be, or make this one chapter really good.  I feel like these sort of goals are more achievable and less stressful than trying to become a famous author.

If you enjoy my stories, but don't have the money to buy them. You can always support me by liking, sharing, or leaving reviews. Small things like this are a huge help and your reviews and emails do encourage me to continue writing.

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