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March Writing Update

Hello and welcome to my March writing update. These are posts that I do about once a month to talk about what I've been working on recently and my current writing progress.

Like always my job has been busy this month. I worked a few extra days on the weekend so that I could save some more money, but I finally finished driving school. I have never been into driving so it's difficult to believe that I can actually drive a car now. I spent ten minutes staring at that card after they handed it to me.

My main writing priority at the moment is my story "Diary of a Soul in the Underworld," so I've been working on that whenever I get free time. I usually write the first draught out by paper and then type it (there are less mistakes) so I've already finished writing out the next few chapters by hand. Writing a few chapters ahead and then typing it up a few weeks later also gives me some time to think about what I've written, and I often change things from the original draft.

I really want to try drawing out some of the scenes for myself and adding them into the story (to make a kind of picture and narrative blend), but I'm only capable of drawing strange looking cartoons for elementary children so it's more challenging than I originally expected. You can read this story for free online here.

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