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How I was Murdered by a Fox Monster Chapter 4

Summary: They say life flashes before you in that moment before death. I could see it all reflected in the blade. I was standing under the cherry blossoms at my school entrance ceremony, eating cake at my sister's wedding, standing outside praying the monster wouldn't come tonight. I might not be dead yet but I can see what's coming, this is the story of how I was murdered by a fox monster!

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Chapter 4

Everything soon fell into place on the third day of school. I remember it as the day I discovered that my life was a lie, and the countless secrets which had been hidden from me by my adopted family, finally came to light.

It all began when Itsuki decided to approach me. We hadn't directly spoken since the first day, so I assumed he didn't have the guts to face me.

I finished my lunch only to look up and find him hovering over my desk like the grim reaper looming over a deathbed.

"Can I have a word with you?" he asked.

I turned around to say "look at this guys, Itsuki wants a word with me," until I realized that I wasn't in middle school anymore, and my friends had all abandoned me to go to trade school instead.

I suppressed my feeling of being friendless, and rose to follow Itsuki out of the classroom.

I wasn't surprised when he failed to start-up a colorful conversation, so I decided to ask the one thing I'd been dying to know.

"So, what's going on with you and Mana?" I asked.

"Mana?" he scoffed. "That's a pretty friendly way to talk about someone you barely know."

"Well, maybe I don't know her yet, but I will soon."

"That's a stupid assumption."

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Memories of a Soul in the Underworld Chapter 9

Summary: Ethan is a soul doomed to spend eternity as a slave in Hell for reasons he can't remember. After centuries of torment he finally snaps and goes on the run from those who enslaved him. Can he escape and become more than a regular soul, or is he doomed to spend an eternity in The Underworld? 

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I blankly stared as I attempted to comprehend their words. I thought it was a misunderstanding because I couldn't accept that we belonged to them.

"Property of the Soul Market?" I asked. "What does that even mean?"

"Exactly what he said," hissed Felix. "They're here to take us away and sell us onwards to new masters."

"They're going to what!" I cried in disbelief, and Anya began to sob louder.

I fearfully took a step back to put some distance between myself and those sad excuses of life. The green demon maliciously grinned back like he knew it was impossible for me to run.

"The truth hurts, doesn't it boy?" he growled and he was right.

That was my first encounter with the Soul Market. The first one that I can remember anyway. I'm no expert on the detestable organization which enslaved me, but I know that the soul trade has existed ever since the Underworld discovered they could utilize dead people. Their filthy agents roam Earth making deals with mortals in exchange for their enslavement in Hell. I've heard they offer plenty of majestic things such as money, fame, or anything that a corrupt human being could possibly desire.

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