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June Writing Update and Tales From A Land of Gods Part 3 Update!

Hello and welcome to my June writing update, these are small posts that I do once a month to talk about my current writing progress and what I’ve been working on recently. If you haven’t noticed I have changed my website design. I regularly get tried of starting at the same website so I decided to change it up a bit.

I’ve recently been working full time with some study on the side (I need to level up in life) so I don’t have as much time to write as I would like. It’s pretty easy to give away my stories for free these days, but selling them is a whole other matter and I often find myself in what I call promotion hell. I keep promoting and promoting but I can’t seem to get anywhere unless I pay ridiculous amounts of money. Therefore I can’t really live off writing at the moment and I also have to work a few jobs on the side to live.

I’ve recently decided to write Tales From A Land Of Gods Part Three. I’m not sure if it’s a wise idea and I may end up giving myself a mental breakdown, but I currently have enough material and ideas to write a third part so I decided to just go ahead and do it. If it doesn’t do well and I can’t make any sales I’ll probably just roll over, give up on the series, and then try my luck writing something else. The third part will feature a confrontation between Meng Li and The Kingdom without Gods. Who will be victorious, Meng or the kingdom? Obviously I already know the answer but you will have to wait until I finish writing it to find out.
In the meantime you can check out the previous part Khan and the Kingdom Without Gods here on Smashwords.

It’s also free for people with Amazon Unlimited or Prime

Please grab a copy while you have the chance, and then leave a review. Leaving a review is a great way to support me as an author and help me make more sales. It also gives me the will to write.

You might be wondering why all these installments are only 40-50 pages and the answer is simple, I really don’t have the time or money to risk writing a 200 or more page story that I might not be able to sell. It’s quite difficult to tell how a story will go until you send it out into the big wide world (or big wide internet) to compete with all the other content out there. Therefore I’ve decided to just keep writing short stories for the time being until I write something that works well and can sell a lot of copies. I do really want to write How I Was Murdered By A Fox Monster Three, but I can’t until I sell more copies of number two, so if you would like to see a third part please support the series by buying the second ebook. You can grab it on this website and at most ebook stores such as Amazon and Smashwords. You can even read it for free on Amazon Unlimited, and I even made a paperback that you can buy on Amazon.

Recently I’ve been working on my other completely free story Diary of a Soul in the Underworld. I actually wrote it a few months ago, but after some deep thinking I decided to rewrite it and change it up a bit. I really think that the most interesting part of the story is Ethan’s journey to become human once more, so I decided to focus more on this theme.I also rewrote him to be more spiteful and bitter. I’m usually a pretty positive person, so I tried listening to a bunch of sad and angry songs on repeat to get myself into that way of thinking. You can check out the new version here.

Thanks for reading this and make sure to check out some of my other stories too!

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