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Khan And The Kingdom Without Gods Free Preview

Hello and welcome to a free preview of my next story. Khan And The Kingdom Without Gods. It's the second part of my ongoing series Tales From A Land Of Gods. I've been working on it everyday so I hope to get it finished soon.

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Back again aren't you? I knew you wouldn’t stay away for long. The Land of Gods is too mysterious and intriguing to be easily ignored.
What is the Land of Gods? You ask. Well, obviously you’re another one of those naive souls who have no idea about the world so close to your own, so allow me to enlighten you.
Millenniums ago our world was ruled by gods. A smart looking person like you has no doubt heard the stories of ancient Greek and Egyptian gods. These countless legends have been passed down through the ages and even a child can name at least one. You may have brushed these stories off as make believe fairytales, but I’m here to tell you that the gods are real.
Now, now, there’s no need to make a face like that. Of course there aren't any gods bossing you around, but your ancestors suffered for centuries under the god’s merciless rule. These gods may have been majestic and powerful, but just like us humans they bickered and fought until they descended into a civil war. Those were dark days, but the fighting finally ceased when the older gods trapped their younger adversaries on one continent and sealed the land away forever. Just imagine a giant island the size of Australia suddenly disappearing into thin air. This place still exists of course, but in a dimension far removed from our own. Some call it an impenetrable prison from which there is no escape, and you can count yourself fortunate that none of these gods will ever come looking for you.

 As the centuries past, the old gods on our earth withered and died while the young ones thrived in their sealed away land. So much so that it's become a great land of gods. Great for them, but terrible for all mortals who are forced to endure their existence. Unfortunately for us the seal on this world is gradually weakening, and like aging paint, cracks are slowly forming around the edges of their world and our own. Believe it or not, it’s now possible to fall through a crack and find yourself in this mysterious land. Such is the case for many mortals who foolishly fall through, or are escorted there by untrustworthy men.
In my last tale I introduced you to a unique god named Meng Li who resides in this exotic land. Meng may have been born an all powerful god, but he quickly lost his status and was forced to survive like a mortal for most of his young years. He eventually managed to join a family of gods and turn his back on his youth, until he encountered a dying mortal from our world named Lucy who was desperately trying to return. Meng threw away his godly pride to carry this fragile mortal through an endless forest, only to watch her die before they could escape.
Some may view Meng as a kind and merciful god who exists amongst a land of monsters, but don’t be so quick to judge. There is still much about Meng Li that I haven't told you yet.
Meng's story is far from over but I can see from that look on your face that you'd rather hear a more exciting tale, and I have just the story for you. It stars a dashing thief, a beautiful bodyguard to a princess, and a kingdom full of brave mortals who rose up against their god. Welcome to the tale of Khan and the Kingdom without Gods.

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