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April Writing Update

Hello and welcome to my April writing update. These are little updates that I write once a month to talk about what I've been writing recently and how my life is going.

I had a two month vacation in between contracts so I managed to get tones if writing done, but I had to return to full time work so my chances to write are going to drastically decrease 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚. I enjoy my job so it's not such a bad thing, and I work with lots if different people so I can often draw inspiration from the different people that I meet, but I probably won't have anything new out for a while. ;_;

I also have to speak Chinese for work, so I’ve been spending a lot of time studying Mandarin and taking lessons recently. My job doesn’t actually have anything to do with speaking Chinese, but I’m the only one there who can speak some so they keep asking me to translate. Sometimes it’s really ridiculously difficult stuff that I’d have enough trouble trying to explain in English. I actually like studying Mandarin and I think that it’s a very useful language, so therefore I’ve continued gradually studying it until now.

On a more positive note I've done lots of work for Tales from a Land of Gods Part Two and I'm probably over 80 percent finished. I hope to even have a preview out soon. Just like part one, part two will probably be about fifty pages long once I’m finished.
I actually do have a long term plan for this story and I'm not making it up as I go along. My strategy for the series at the moment is to just write small parts, and if they sell well I'll work more on developing the series, if not I'll try my luck at writing something else and see how that goes.

I recently finished editing a short story about vampires called Earnest Young is Forever Young. You can check it out below.

Summary: Earnest Young is a struggling artist living in poverty in the 1920s. His only hope at salvation is the mysterious vampire Mr.Wright who he discovered living next door.

I wrote it about three years ago, but I never got around to editing it until recently. It’s inspired by a time in my life where I was really poor and I lived alone in a tiny apartment. I have a few other short stories sitting around on my computer, so I hope to publish another one soon.

I also started writing a free story named Diary of a Soul but it was a little difficult to keep people engaged with it so I'm actually taking a break and consider how to restructure the story and develop the characters a little differently. I'll try and get back to it once I finish writing Tales From A Land Of Gods Part 2. I also really want to write The Monster Exorcist Part 3 but it will probably take me over a year to finish it, so I probably won’t start until I can sell more copies of part 2.

It’s a little difficult to sell ebooks without any promotion or marketing, so it takes a lot of work to make any sales and I’m only one person. I recently lost a lot of motivation to write because I put a lot of work into many stories only to get very little in return. If I had put in more hours at my job instead of writing, I may have made a few thousand dollars instead.

I’m going to try writing more in a style which makes it fun for me, and try not to focus too much on whether I succeed or fail. In the meantime please feel free to follow me and check out my work below.

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Meng is a unique god who becomes lost in an endless forest. His only chance of escape is an old dying mortal who brings back memories of his past which he would prefer remain forgotten.

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The Monster Exorcist

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Diary of a Soul

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