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March Writing Update

My lunch in Kamakura

Hello and welcome to my March writing update. I'm currently between work contracts so I've had a lots of free time recently and I've been writing like crazy. I've managed to get so much work done. Most importantly How I Was Murdered By a Fox Monster 2 is now finished!!! The second book is called How I Was Murdered by a Monster King and you can now grab the eBook and paperback from Amazon.

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Unlike some of my other stories I won't be giving this one away for free, so you will have to pay money for it. If you don't want to pay that much, I can send you a coupon if you are willing to write a review and give me some feedback.

If you like free stuff you can check out my current free story Diary of a Soul which is 100% free. Here's a little summary and you can even read it online on this website. I have also posted it online at many free book sites such as Booksie and Fictionpress as well. If you know any other good free fiction websites please let me know.

Summary: Ethan is a soul with no memories who it doomed to spend eternity in Hell. Luckily he is purchased by the beautiful master Alistair who showers him with affection, until one day when his sheltered existence comes to an abrupt end. Ethan has to decided whether to accept his fate, or fight back and become more than just a regular soul.

I'm still working on Tales From a Land of Gods Part Two, as well and I'm slowly working through the characters and story. I hope to have it out within the next few months. You can check out the first part here on this website if you click the above tab.

I recently moved into a cheaper apartment so my financial situation is a little better. I recently took a trip to some places near Tokyo and here are some of my best pictures.