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Diary of a Soul: Entry Number Four

Author’s Note: Hello there again. I had a five hour train ride recently so I decided to write this chapter already. This chapter is a little shorter due to the diary style, but I promise that entry number five will be a little longer. You can see the previous chapters by clicking on the Diary of a Soul tab.

Entry Number Four

Majick is far harder than I expected. Master made it look so easy yesterday in the library, but I tried to replicate the diagram with chalk and a crystal on my bedroom floor, but there was no reaction and the circle didn't even glow.
The lines in the textbook look so smooth and perfect, but mine are jagged like they were drawn by a small child. No matter how many times I erase them all and start from scratch, I can't make the glowing ball of light appear.
"These lines are overlapping," said Master when I showed him my terrible attempt. "If these symbols touch here the majick flows through there instead of being equally distributed around the circle," he said and erased some of my drawings with his foot. "You also need to make sure that the crystal is touching the right lines in the middle and not the other symbols near the center, otherwise nothing will happen," he picked up a piece of chalk and redrew the entire circle so that it looked perfect like the book. He also told me a bunch of other reasons why my spell didn't work, but I can't remember them all.
Master placed the crystal back into the middle of the chalk circle and a glowing ball of light materialized before us.

"See this symbol over here," he pointed to a squiggle which looked like an eye. "This one controls the color of the light, by changing this you can make the light red, gold, purple, but not blue. Blue creates a vacuum which consumes everything around it before exploding onto itself," he removed the color crystal and drew another one which looked almost exactly the same. I could barely see the difference. He replaced the crystal and the ball began glowing bright purple instead.
"See, easy," he said with a smile and handed me back the chalk.
I wanted to see if I could do it myself, so I erased his circle after he left and tried once more. I was extra careful when copying the textbook and it took me over an hour. I was certain that it was perfect and there was no way that I could screw up, but I put the crystal back into the middle of the circle only to watch nothing happen again.
I compared by drawing to the diagram, but other than my poorly drawn lines I had followed Master's advice perfectly.
I growled in frustration and kicked the circle with my foot, smudging the chalk. I didn't know that you aren't supposed to alter a majick circle while it's activated with a crystal. The circle suddenly glowed green before exploding in my face.
I'm lucky to already be dead because the explosion would have surely killed me. When the smoke cleared all that remained was a giant burnt patch on the floor and Master's book which had been reduced to ashes. The green glowing crystal remained completely untouched amongst the destruction and I'm certain that it was mocking me. Fortunately Master wasn't too upset about the loss of his book and floorboards, but I'm forbidden from ever doing majick alone again.
I agree with his decision and I've already had enough. After five hours of cleaning up after the explosion I've decided that I never want to try and do majick again. Master is obviously a genius who can do anything, but it's far too difficult for me and I don't want to destroy anymore of Master's things. I think that it's far safer for me to just do everything the long way. I borrowed a large rug from another room to hide the burns on my floor. I think that if Klaus ever discovered them he'd probably laugh for hours and then tease me for the rest of eternity.

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