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Diary of a Soul Chapter Three

Author’s note: Hello and welcome to the third entry. I hope you are enjoying this story so far. I’ve recently begun watching The Walking Dead. It’s very exciting, but I’ve already started thinking of ways to zombie proof my house. It takes so long to watch all the seasons, so I've already cracked and read the Wikipedia too.

When it comes to writing this story I usually just write the scenes and plot the way that I want them. Maybe this story would be more popular if I used more trending themes, but I’ve decided to just write the way that I want for a while. I guess that writing a story for fun is also a great way to practice my writing. If you like using Facebook or Twitter, please feel free to follow me, I’ll be posting updates about this story there as well. You can find my Facebook and Twitter address in my profile!

  Entry Number Three

I don't like Miho. I hate these negative thoughts which are filling my head, but I wish she'd disappear. I wish that Master would send her somewhere far away where she can never find me again! I don’t understand her at all. How can anyone be so mean and cruel? I’ve never met anyone as terrible and rotten as her!

She scares me a lot, so I did my best to stay away from both her and Master for the last few days. It was very difficult, and I virtually had to become one with the wallpaper and furniture to stop her from noticing me. I thought that would make her happy and the two of us could become friends, but what she saw in the ballroom must have made her furious because things only became worse.

Today Hana and Alphonse were busy preparing things for Master’s guest, so Angelina and I were in charge of cooking in the kitchen. I don’t know a single thing about food, but Angelina is a perfect maid, so I just did whatever she told me to do.

"Put those vegetables in the pot and stir them over that flame," said Angelina as she calmly iced a cake. "Keep doing that until they turn brown and then add one cup of water."

"Okay," I said nervously. I reached for a pot, but I was so worried about ruining Master's food that my hand slipped and went straight into the flame above the stove. I panicked and yanked my hand back, but souls are immune to fire so I wasn’t hurt at all.

I stood there and examined my hand curiously. I already knew that I can't feel anything, so why had I panicked at all? Why did the fire make me feel so nervous and afraid? Was it just a habit leftover from when I was alive?

I slowly and nervously put my hand back into the flame, but it was completely untouched by the fire that was burning around it.

I turned to ask Angelina more about our unnatural abilities, but to my horror I found Miho standing right behind me. She was pleasantly smiling, and for a moment I foolishly thought that she may have forgotten her hatred towards me.

I was wrong.

“So you like pain do you?” She asked sweetly before picking up a knife from the counter and stabbing it right through my hand. It was pinned to the kitchen counter. “I’ll show you pain,” she hissed.

I froze in fear. I can’t believe that she stabbed me! She’s completely insane. Miho then grabbed a fist full of my hair and yanked my head towards her so that her mouth was right next to my ear.

“I understand that it’s not your fault that our poor deluded master has a thing for pretty boys,” she said. “But how is he ever going to learn if you keep encouraging him Ethan?”

“It’s not my fault!” I cried back. “I didn’t do anything!

“Really? From my point of view it seems like you've been doing plenty of things. Kissing, joining him in the bath. I heard that you sometimes even sleep beside him in his bed at night?”

“But he made me!”

“Do you think I’m stupid? I can see you merrily frolicking along and virtually throwing yourself at the master. I know that you probably seduced him into buying you! Why else would he be into a skinny kid like you?”

“No, I didn’t. Those were all his ideas! Please just let go of me already!”

“Well, if what you say is true and you don’t like it, you should start standing up for yourself already Ethan,” she said and pushed my head down onto the kitchen counter and pinned it there with her elbow. “Just tell him to stop it and leave you alone to do your stupid cooking and cleaning in peace! We all know that things are better that way.”

I tried to struggle against her, but despite her size Miho was strong and I couldn’t do anything. Tears began to pour down my face. I don’t know what I would have done if Angelina hadn’t saved me.

“Why are you always so mad?” Asked Angelina to Miho. Her face was emotionless and her voice was completely calm despite my horrible situation.

“Shut up!” Said Miho. “This has nothing to do with you!”

“It’s just a waste of energy to get mad,” said Angelina. “The master, this place. It’s not like any of this really matters. One day it will all come to an end and it’ll be like we were never here at all. You should know that by now, shouldn’t you?”

Miho went quiet and then shoved me one last time before she let go and stormed out of the room.

Angelina walked over and pulled the knife from my hand. It slid out as easily as it entered like a knife slicing through butter. 

“Thank you Angelina,” I said and rubbed my palm. It looked completely normal like I had never been stabbed at all.

“I didn’t do it for you,” said Angelina and she returned to finishing her cake decorations like nothing had happened.

I was still really upset about Miho, but I wanted to know why the knife hadn’t left any marks, so I went and looked for Klaus as soon as we finished cooking lunch. I eventually found him in the hallway outside Master's sitting room preparing cutlery and plates.

“Oh, so you only just noticed that?” Said Klaus after I told him everything. “I thought you’d figured it out already. If anyone tries to puncture your body the area goes completely translucent. I guess it’s the only protection you have against masters mistreating or using you. See watch this.”

Klaus pulled a pen from his pocket and jabbed his hand with all his might. As he said the pen went straight through his hand like it was water. He then began moving the pen back and forth through his hand to demonstrate. “See, completely harmless.”

I knew that Klaus was only trying to help me, so I’m not sure why tears started welling up in my eyes and falling down my face. Seeing him like that just made me so sad.

"Hey, there's no need to cry like that," he said and patted me on the back. “I guess everyone gets a shock the first time. We might be pretty solid now, but I guess we're more like ghosts than regular people."

"I don't want to be a ghost," I cried and covered my face with my hands. I began to sob uncontrollably. Never before had I felt so down.

"Hey, hey," said Klaus as he tried to calm me. "What would the master think if he saw you like this? You wouldn't want to worry him in front of his guests would you?”

I tried my best to calm down and stop crying. Klaus was right, and I didn't want Master to feel sad because of me. None of the other souls like Angelina or Alphonse cried about being dead, and I want to be strong and brave like them. I wiped my face with my sleeve.

"Come on, you can help me move this stuff inside," said Klaus and he passed me a stack of ceramic plates.

Klaus picked up a tray of cutlery and pushed the sitting room door open with his shoulder. I followed him inside. Master was already sitting on a plush couch in the middle of the room opposite his friends.

I think I already wrote about how Master never has parties, but he has one friend who sometimes visits the house. I never hear him talk about any other friends, so maybe he only has one. His name is Maceo and he’s a young good-looking man with dark skin and short black hair. He always wears expensive clothes, jewels, and even more make-up than master Alistair. Their styles resemble each other, so I have a feeling that Master may have copied all his fashion from his friend.

Sometimes I listen to their conversations about politics and the latest trends in the underworld, but most of what they say goes completely over my head. It shows how ignorant I am about the things that go on in Hell. Maceo never talks about work, so we all think that his family is rich. Klaus told me that he went to an expensive academy to learn majick with Master, which is how the two of them became friends.

Maceo was sitting on a red velvet sofa, and his arm was protectively draped over a soul who was sitting beside him. The soul looked a little older than Maceo, and he was covered in beige make-up and golden eye-shadow which hid his ghostly glow. His face was quite attractive, and he laughed at all Maceo’s jokes in a deep voice which echoed throughout the room.

Klaus and I put the plates and tray on a table beside Alphonse and Hana. She began to serve the soup that I helped Angelina make, and she laid the bowls down on a glass coffee table before Master and his guests. I turned to leave, but Klaus grabbed my arm and indicated that we should stay in the room, and we both stood next to Hana and Alphonse against the wall. I curiously watched the soul next to Maceo, and I wondered if he was also a servant like us.

“Who’s that soul?” I asked Klaus.

“That’s Maceo’s boyfriend David,” whispered Klaus. “I heard that he sold his soul for Maceo so that the two of them could be together forever. He must have cut some special deal with the soul market, but that guy’s nuts if you ask me. Who the hell would willingly want to be like us?”

“Forever? But won’t Maceo just die eventually?”

“Not if he continues using the immortality spell he won’t.”

“Immortality sp-” I began to ask but Maceo interrupted me.

“Alistair,” he said while looking at us. “Is this the new soul that you were telling me about?” He pointed towards Klaus. “I didn’t know that you had a thing for tall men.”

“Now, now Maceo,” said Master with a laugh. “That’s Klaus, you’ve seen him several times before.”

“You and your souls Alistair,” huffed Maceo. “It’s like you have a new one every decade, it’s so difficult to keep track. Come on then,” he said and leaned back on the sofa. “Let’s see your latest adition.”

“Ethan come here,” said Master and he beckoned me closer.

Klaus gently shoved me forward and I nervously walked towards them. I stopped before Maceo, but an invisible force suddenly yanked me closer until my face was right before his. I wonder if he used majick.

“Yes, he is very pretty,” said Maceo. “Very slim and graceful like he came from some affluent background over there. Maybe it is worth paying more for a fresh soul, I can virtually see the innocence radiating off him. This hair is quite nice too,” he said and ran his fingers through my hair. It felt a little creepy and I didn’t like it at all.

“Don’t tell me that you fancy him lover?” Asked his boyfriend David.

“Of course not my dear,” said Maceo and he pulled David closer. “I’m just complimenting our friend Alistair on his exceptional find. This one is far more suitable than the last soul he was fooling around with, Alexander, or Almond, or whatever his name was.”

I wonder if he was talking about Alphonse. I looked over to my fellow soul and I saw him clench his fist and look away.

“Yes, Ethan is a rare find indeed,” said Master. “Although he is a little puzzling at times,” he leaned over to get a better look at my face, but I thought of Miho’s words and quickly looked away.

It proved to be a smart idea because Miho suddenly entered the room carrying a red wine bottle and two glasses like a perfect hostess.

“Your wine Master,” she said politely and laid them on the table before Master and Maceo. She completely ignored me like the scene in the kitchen hadn’t happened and I was too terrified to move.

“375th year of Azazel," said Maceo as he examined the label on the bottle. “This is classy stuff. For a moment I thought you’d become old and stingy Alistair.”

“Anything for you my friend," said Master. "When I saw it in the store this week I thought, why not enjoy the best wine in hell now, because if the fools on that council have their way we may find ourselves in the middle of another war.”

“Oh not another one,” said Maceo. “The last time we had a war with Heaven they started rationing my face powder. I had to use ordinary flour for over a decade.”

“He began to look like me,” said David. “Even the mailman asked if he’d snapped and sold his soul.”

“You know with skills like yours Maceo you’d be a great asset on the front lines,” said Master. “I’m surprised that they haven’t forced you to join already.”

“Oh they tried and failed,” said Maceo. “All it took was a few simple spells and they completely believed that I was too old and crazy to go to war. Some might call it selfish, but do you think that I can honestly fight with nails like these?”

 “Yes, they are quite nice,” said Master as he leaned over to get a closer look. “However did you make them so shiny?”

I took the opportunity to slowly back away from Master and his friend and quietly sneak out of the room. I couldn’t endure being in the same room as Miho, and the talk of war made me feel uneasy. Master always becomes anxious and sad whenever he starts talking about work. I wonder if being a council member is a difficult job?

The artworks in the hallway hadn’t been dusted for a while, so I quickly grabbed a cloth and began cleaning to give myself a legitimate excuse for leaving.

I could vaguely hear Master and his guest becoming merrier and merrier as they continued drinking. I wonder if I also drank wine like that too when I was alive. I was in the middle of polishing an expensive vase when the sitting room door suddenly swung open. I wasn’t sure if it was friend or foe, so I quickly ducked around the corner to avoid any dramatic confrontations.

“See, didn’t I tell you that it would only be a matter of time before they started on the wine? Now they’ll be at it for hours,” came the voice of Miho as she walked down the hallway towards the kitchen. I could hear other footsteps too, so I peeked around the corner to see Hana, Alphonse and Klaus there as well.

“But Master does look so awfully happy,” said Hana. “I’m glad that his friend came to visit.”

“Well, if you ask me I think he’s a terrible influence on the master,” Miho said and casually tossed some dishes into the kitchen sink. “I think he would be much better off without him.”

“Miho,” said Mana. “I don’t know if you should say that, he is the master’s friend.”

“He is for now,” said Miho. “But that could always change.”

“I don’t know why you even bother Miho,” said Alphonse. "It’s quite obvious that the master has no interest in girls.”

“That’s not true,” said Miho. “The Master’s mother told me that he was almost beaten to death by a girl when he was younger, and since then the master has been too traumatised to be with a woman, but he’ll come around sooner or later.”

“The day that the master likes girls is the day that I start breathing again,” said Alphonse.

“What’s that supposed to mean,” snapped Miho.

“Exactly what I said.”

“It warms my heart to see the two of you getting along wonderfully like always,” said Klaus. “For a moment I thought you might be fighting, but then I remembered that my best friends in the whole wide world Miho and Klaus would neve-”

“Just give it a rest already Klaus!” Said Miho.

I slowly crept away to find another neglected corner of the house which hadn’t been cleaned for a while. I spent the afternoon dusting a forgotten storage closet and avoiding Miho to the best of my ability. I was very proud of myself for avoiding any trouble, but that evening I crept back to my room to find Master sitting alone on the stairs drinking wine. He was lethargicly leaning up against the wall next to a wine bottle with a half empty glass in one hand.

“Ethan good evening!” He cried out and I’m certain the entire mansion probably heard him.

“Good evening Master,” I said and quickly tried to climb the stairs, but he reached out and grabbed my wrist to prevent me from leaving.

“Ethan, is something the matter?” He asked. “You seem a little, cold today?”

I thought about telling him what happened, but I was too terrified to voice the words out loud. I just wanted to go back to my room and spend some time alone.

“It’s been a long day,” I said. “I’m just a little tired Master.” I tried to assend the stairs, but he yanked my arm and I fell backwards. He caught me around my waist and sat me on his lap. He hugged me tightly and if I could feel pain it may have hurt. I expected him to kiss me or do something strange like always, but he was unnaturally quiet and it wasn’t like him.

“Master, are you okay?” I asked.

“You won’t leave me, will you Ethan?”

It was a strange question and I didn’t know what to say.

“You brought me Master, I can’t go anywhere.”

“Others said the same thing,” he said sadly. “They promised me that they would still be here, but I watched them get blown to pieces or pass away. Now the only ones left are you souls and Maceo. I sacrificed so much to become a great majick user, but all I have left is a bunch of dead people to keep me company. If I knew things were going to end up like this, I would have never tried so hard. Maybe it was all a mistake. Maybe I should have just let myself die a long time ago like my parents.”

I don’t know what he was talking about, but Master looked so sad and unlike himself, so I had to say something to cheer him up. “It’s okay Master, you have this spectacular house in this beautiful town. And you have me, Klaus, Alphonse, and Hana who all seem to love you very much. I’m sure that you must be one of the luckiest people in Hell.”

Master began to shake and I saw that he was laughing. His face broke into a smile and he ruffled my hair. “Ethan, now I remember why I like you so much. Promise me that you will always stay this way.”

“I’ll try Master.”

“That reminds me,” he suddenly stood up and I fell out of his lap with a thud. “I have something that I want to show you!”

He grabbed my hand and dragged me up the stairs towards the second floor. We rushed down the corridor and he threw open the library door with a bang that echoed throughout the house. I had never been into the library before. It was only slightly larger than the sitting room, but I was taken back by the large collection of old books and strange contraptions which may have been centuries old. There was a glass cabinet full of glowing rocks, bottles, a gold amulet, and jewels. There was a giant map that covered the whole back wall, and I assume that it must be a map of the underworld.

“You once asked me about majick Ethan,” said Master as he happily twirled around the room. “And here is everything that I’ve collected since I was a student.”

“It’s amazing Master,” I said and gazed over the books on a nearby shelf. I expected to see something about majick, but it seemed to be a collection of love stories. I picked up the closest one, which was titled Thomas gets down and dirty with a devil, and flipped through the pages. It was full of words I don’t know, and drawings of naked men giving each other hugs.

“That’s a different collection,” said Master and he grabbed the book out of my hand and returned it to the shelf. He pulled out a chair and gestured for me to sit down. “Sit here Ethan, I have something wonderful to show you.”

I sat down on the chair and patiently waited to see his latest trick. He rolled up the large carpet in the middle of the room so that the wooden floor was exposed. He then pulled a stick of chalk out from his desk draw across the room and began to draw on the floor before me. Master diligently drew what looked like squiggles all over the floorboards despite his intoxicated state. His lines were wonky and uneven at first, but they slowly became neater as he began to sober up. It looked like some sort of circle once he was finished.

 “Souls can’t use majick,” said Master. “But what most people forget is that majick is more science than some mythical unseen force. You don’t even need a body if you have the right tools.”

He pulled a green glowing rock out from the cabinet and placed it in the middle of the circle on top of the squiggles. All the squiggles suddenly began to glow green, and a large ball of light appeared above the circle and illuminated the room.

“With the right equation and the appropriate crystal, anybody can do this,” he said proudly.

“Wow,” I said. “Are you saying that even I could do something like this?”

“It takes years to perfect the equations, but theoretically even a soul should be able to do this too!”

“Wow,” I stared at the circle in awe and all the terrible things that happened today suddenly didn’t seem so bad. Master looked over at me and smiled. He also showed me another spell which made fire appear, but after that he was tired and had to retire for the night.

Master lent me a book from his library and I spent the whole evening flipping through it. Most of the words are hard and difficult for me to understand. There are lots of numbers and strange symbols too, but I’m certain that if I practice a lot then one day I’ll be able to do amazing spells just like Master. I’m sure that Klaus would be really impressed too. Maybe I can be the first soul in Hell to use majick and I can travel the underworld showing everyone amazing tricks. Maybe I can even convince those terrible guards to be kinder towards their souls. I’m so excited to try my first spell tomorrow, I can hardly wait!


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