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Diary of a Soul Entry Number Five

Author’s note: Hello and welcome to chapter five. I have big plans for this story, big plans. I have enough inspiration to keep this going for a while unless my work commitments stop me. Reviews are always appreciated and feel free to follow me on Facebook or Twitter to keep updated on this story and my other work. My Facebook and Twitter address are in my profile. You can check out the previous chapters by clicking on the tab at the top of the page.

Entry Number Five

Maybe there really is a god or devil, or some sort of magical entity in Hell because my wish came true and Miho is finally gone. I guess that I’m relieved that she’s not coming back, but I went through an awful lot of pain before she was sent away. Even now it’s difficult to calm myself and there are a million different emotions pulsing through my soul. I tried to sleep tonight, but my thoughts continued to haunt me, so I hope that writing them down will make them go away.

It all started this morning. Miho assigned Klaus and I to clean the guestrooms. I thought it was strange that Miho came to my room and asked me to do it with a smile on her face despite everything that happened between us. I thought I'd done a great job keeping my distance from Master and she'd finally let go of her animosity towards me, but I was an idiot to have trusted her so easily.
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March Writing Update

My lunch in Kamakura

Hello and welcome to my March writing update. I'm currently between work contracts so I've had a lots of free time recently and I've been writing like crazy. I've managed to get so much work done. Most importantly How I Was Murdered By a Fox Monster 2 is now finished!!! The second book is called How I Was Murdered by a Monster King and you can now grab the eBook and paperback from Amazon.

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Unlike some of my other stories I won't be giving this one away for free, so you will have to pay money for it. If you don't want to pay that much, I can send you a coupon if you are willing to write a review and give me some feedback.

If you like free stuff you can check out my current free story Diary of a Soul which is 100% free. Here's a little summary and you can even read it online on this website. I have also posted it online at many free book sites such as Booksie and Fictionpress as well. If you know any other good free fiction websites please let me know.

Summary: Ethan is a soul with no memories who it doomed to spend eternity in Hell. Luckily he is purchased by the beautiful master Alistair who showers him with affection, until one day when his sheltered existence comes to an abrupt end. Ethan has to decided whether to accept his fate, or fight back and become more than just a regular soul.

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Diary of a Soul: Entry Number Four

Author’s Note: Hello there again. I had a five hour train ride recently so I decided to write this chapter already. This chapter is a little shorter due to the diary style, but I promise that entry number five will be a little longer. You can see the previous chapters by clicking on the Diary of a Soul tab.

Entry Number Four

Majick is far harder than I expected. Master made it look so easy yesterday in the library, but I tried to replicate the diagram with chalk and a crystal on my bedroom floor, but there was no reaction and the circle didn't even glow.
The lines in the textbook look so smooth and perfect, but mine are jagged like they were drawn by a small child. No matter how many times I erase them all and start from scratch, I can't make the glowing ball of light appear.
"These lines are overlapping," said Master when I showed him my terrible attempt. "If these symbols touch here the majick flows through there instead of being equally distributed around the circle," he said and erased some of my drawings with his foot. "You also need to make sure that the crystal is touching the right lines in the middle and not the other symbols near the center, otherwise nothing will happen," he picked up a piece of chalk and redrew the entire circle so that it looked perfect like the book. He also told me a bunch of other reasons why my spell didn't work, but I can't remember them all.
Master placed the crystal back into the middle of the chalk circle and a glowing ball of light materialized before us.
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Diary of a Soul Chapter Three

Author’s note: Hello and welcome to the third entry. I hope you are enjoying this story so far. I’ve recently begun watching The Walking Dead. It’s very exciting, but I’ve already started thinking of ways to zombie proof my house. It takes so long to watch all the seasons, so I've already cracked and read the Wikipedia too.

When it comes to writing this story I usually just write the scenes and plot the way that I want them. Maybe this story would be more popular if I used more trending themes, but I’ve decided to just write the way that I want for a while. I guess that writing a story for fun is also a great way to practice my writing. If you like using Facebook or Twitter, please feel free to follow me, I’ll be posting updates about this story there as well. You can find my Facebook and Twitter address in my profile!

  Entry Number Three

I don't like Miho. I hate these negative thoughts which are filling my head, but I wish she'd disappear. I wish that Master would send her somewhere far away where she can never find me again! I don’t understand her at all. How can anyone be so mean and cruel? I’ve never met anyone as terrible and rotten as her!

She scares me a lot, so I did my best to stay away from both her and Master for the last few days. It was very difficult, and I virtually had to become one with the wallpaper and furniture to stop her from noticing me. I thought that would make her happy and the two of us could become friends, but what she saw in the ballroom must have made her furious because things only became worse.
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Diary of a Soul Chapter Two

Hello and welcome to chapter two. I'd like to thank Rosemarie Benson for leaving a review on FictionPress.
I have a few free ebooks up online at the moment. One is called "The Monster Exorcist" and the other is "Tales from a Land of Gods" so please feel free to give them a download if you like my work.
Entry Number Two
I thought about giving up on this diary so I haven’t written anything for a week, but today I’m hiding in my room for a while so I decided to write to pass the time. I guess I should probably write about the other souls here. Some of them I don’t really want to think about right now, but maybe talking about them will make me feel better.
The master purchased other souls before he bought me. His house is enormous and he has lots of money, so I supposed buying souls is the easiest way to look after it all. I heard that it’s common here to hire servants, but what’s the point in paying someone if you can buy a soul who will do it for nothing for the rest of your life?

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How I Was Murdered By A Fox Monster Two Ebook

After many years I've finally completed writing How I Was Murdered by a Monster King which is the sequel to How I was Murdered by a Fox Monster.  Find out why Akito was trying to stab Daisuke in the back in this exciting sequel.

This second ebook is a little longer than the first story and I put a lot more work into it over the past two years. Due to people copying my first story there will be no free promotions, but I may offer coupons and sales in the future. I hope to also release a paperback version as well. If you really enjoyed the first book I hope that you can enjoy this one as well.

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You can also read a free online preview here.
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Diary of a Soul Chapter One

This is a new free story that I've decided to write on the side while working on "Tales from a Land of Gods" part two. Unlike my other stories where I usually write and plan everything before posting anything. I'll be posting this one chapter by chapter. I will also be posting it on some free story websites such as Wattpad and Fictionpress.

This is mostly not a love story, but it does contain some homosexual relationships between some characters and I decided to just throw them in from the beginning, so please don’t send me angry messages about it because I did warn you.

Summary: Ethan is a soul doomed to spend eternity in Hell for reasons he can’t remember. Luckily he is purchased by the beautiful and sensual master Alistair. He happily lives out his days in his master’s mansion until his sheltered existence comes to an abrupt end.
Diary of a Soul
Chapter One
Am I alive?
I know I shouldn't think about it, but my mind disobediently strays away while I’m doing dull chores. I feel like I’m alive, even though everyone quickly reminds me that I’ve already died and left my body far behind. Now we’re all just shells of our former selves, or souls as the living people call us. We’re all white like ghosts, and I can sometimes see the walls and floor through my hands, but I exist just like all the real people here, so doesn’t that make me somewhat alive?
I can’t remember what being alive truly feels like. I can’t remember anything from before I came here. Once upon a time I was a real living breathing person who lived in a place called Earth. I can’t write about what sort of person I was, or what I liked to do, but during my lifetime I decided to sell my soul away for something selfish and I agreed to go to Hell.
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