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January Update

Hello and welcome to my January update. These are regular blog posts that I write once a month to talk about my recent writing progress amongst other things. I recently changed my website design because I wanted something a little less generic. Some of you might think it's a little girly, but I feel that it correctly represents my soul.

I had a lot of free time over my Christmas vacation so I managed to get plenty of writing done. I have now almost finished writing The Monster Exorcist: New Foes and I'm busy editing what I've already writing. I’m still working on the end. I’m not very good at writing long dramatic fight scenes, so there are still a few scenes at the end that need a lot of work. I've been writing it for so long now that it's not as fun to write as it used to be, but I've vowed to finish it before I start any new stories. You can currently read the first few chapters here.

When I began writing this second part to my story back in the summer of 2014 I was sure that it would only take me a year or so. Unfortunately I encountered some financial setbacks which required me to work a second and third job to make more money. It’s a pain to spend so long just writing the same story, but on the plus side I had a lot longer to think about it, so I believe that there’s many interesting and exciting news scenes which wouldn’t be there if I had just rushed through writing it.

Another reason that it took a lot longer to write was because I experienced how difficult it was to make money from ebooks from my previous stories, so I’ve begun to prioritise friends and family more. There’s no point shutting out friends and family when my next ebook might not even do well.

Sometimes I often question if writing is a good way to use my time. It can often be long and lonely, and extremely difficult to get money from stories that have taken years to write and edit. But recently I've discovered that writing is a good way to relieve stress and recover from a difficult day. It's almost like escaping to another world, and I enjoy it more than watching a movie or playing a video game. Therefore I’ve decided to keep writing as a casual hobby even if I don’t make much money from it. I can only hope that if I continue to write as much as possible, one of my works may eventually become popular. I hope that I can eventually write something which can influence people to change their lives for the better.

Until then you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter for all the latest updates. Two of my stories Tales From A Land of Gods and The Monster Exorcist are currently free to download on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and the iTunes store, so please give them a download and review if you get the chance.

Until next time.