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The Monster Exorcist Two: Chapter 5

Merry Christmas everyone and welcome to chapter 5 of my new story The Monster Exorcist: New Foes.  I hope that you all have an enjoyable end of year break.

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Chapter 5

With no school to go to, most of my time was spent repairing headquarters. It was all because Akito was too stingy to hire anyone. He said that we couldn’t risk bringing in outsiders in case they discovered the library, our weapons, the illegal shotgun, and his gunpowder stock in the basement. Akito said he had enough ammunition to blow up my school, but I think he just didn’t want to part with his money.
The building had taken quite a blow from the fox monster attack, so we had to rebuild the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and study. Kurt tried to argue that because I helped destroy it, I should repair it all, but Akito insisted that the physical labour was all part of our training.
“The organisation used to hire more outsiders,” said Laurence as he happily nailed the floor next to me. “But then they arrested my uncle on suspicion of imprisoning young people and running a cult. He spent ten years in prison.”

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December Writing Update

Hello and welcome to my December writing update. You may be reading this because you’ve taken interest in my work, or maybe you’re just giving it a read because you’re interested in the life of someone inspiring to be author. Either way, I hope that you can try reading my latest story.
I’ve currently been writing out the final chapter in my story The Monster Exorcist: New Foes. It has been taking a lot of work, and I’m not very good at writing battle scenes. I have to play out all my battle scenes move by move like a choreographer and it takes a long time. I really want the final part to be exciting, so I have been rewriting it many times until I feel that it matches what I have pictured in my head or better.
 One of the reasons that it’s been taking so long to finish the story is because my writing method is very slow, so today I would like to take some time to talk about how I write stories. My method is probably one of the slowest ways to write a story on the face of the planet, so please don’t feel like you have to copy me.
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