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The Monster Exorcist Two Chapter 4

Hello and welcome to chapter 4 in my next story The Monster Exorcist: New foes. If it's your first time seeing this story, you can read all the previous chapters online here. Or even grab them for your ebook reader here.
I feel that the end is insight, so I've been extra motivated recently and I've been trying to write every chance that I get. I finally thought up and ending for part two! I have a long term plan and an ending for the entire story, but I really wanted the last chapter in part two to leave an impact. Some of my original ideas were pretty terrible. (For example: he faints.) But think the new ending is quite cool! 

Chapter 4


The exorcists agreed to let me temporarily stay with Sis on the condition that I didn’t go to school. I also had to go to headquarters every day in case someone from the organization showed up. Sis was dead against it and threatened to tell the organization about the time Nina’s brother did the other that (which completely freaked him out, but Akito convinced her to let me go in for observation. It was in case my super awesome exorcist powers decided to surface without warning. Sebastian had important exorcist business that he had to attend to, so he assigned Hugo and Nina’s brother to watch me. They made me sit in a cage and took photos of me pretending to be in agony to prove they were conducting proper experiments. Apparently they were a great hit back at the main branch. Sebastian kept calling to congratulate them and I had to scream in the background. On nights when I wasn't there, they made Kurt or Laurence substitute. They were also supposed to constantly observe me and write about my progress, but Nina’s brother spent most of the time trying to convince me to turn on my sister, while Hugo wouldn’t stop telling me about his ex-girlfriend.

“One moment she was talking about living together, and then the next month she was packing her bags for Russia,” said Hugo. “I just don’t understand how anyone can be so cold.”
“When did you guys break-up?” I asked.
“About three years ago,” he said.
I asked if they could teach me any cool new moves (I would need a bunch of them as a super exorcist) but they just stared at me blankly and mumbled that they weren’t allowed to teach new recruits. But then an hour later I caught them teaching Tyson and Laurence fire charms in the garden.
Both of them continued to believe that I was some sort of monster, so I hit the books in the library along with my friends to prove them wrong. Katie wasn’t seriously injured so they let her out of the hospital after a few days, but I was told that Annie would take longer to recover. I hadn’t seen her since the night the fox monster attacked.
“No, no, not this one either,” said Laurence as he flipped through the encyclopaedia of 100 Cute But Deadly Monsters. He turned to a page with a picture of a rhinoceros monster and held the picture up to my face like he was comparing us. “No,” he said before sighing and putting the book down.
“Hey, check this out Mikey,” said Kurt as he held up a picture of a puffer fish monster for me to see. “I think I found a picture of you!”
“Kurt,” hissed Nina. “You shouldn’t say that.”
Kurt ignored her and instead held up a picture of a two-headed beetle monster. “And look, I found your mother.”
I wanted to say a smart comeback, but I was too busy trying to prove that I was human. I furrowed my brow and looked back to my book on exorcist abnormalities with a passion. There were cases of abnormal spiritual power amongst young exorcists, but so far nothing about exorcists undergoing amazing transformations that could be mistaken as turning into a monster. Maybe I was the first case. Maybe they would even write a book about me.
“No, no, no, not here either,” muttered Laurence as he turned the pages of his giant textbook.
Katie was also helping out, but she and Nina were sitting on either side of the room like they were trying to stay as far away from each other as possible. Apparently the table wasn’t far enough for Nina, so she was sitting on the floor with her back leaning up against a bookshelf. Nina and Katie were cousins, but all they did was fight. I'd never seen them get along well, but it seemed like the atmosphere between them had become worse recently.  
Tyson was also called in to help, but he complained that he had an assignment to finish. Although when I walked past his room he was just playing games on his computer.
“Ha!” Laughed Kurt as he held up a picture of a toad. “Just imagine if you really looked like this?”
“I don't think it would suit Michael at all,” said Katie. I thought she was going to say something nice before she said, “I think it looks more like Nina."
Nina immediately slammed her book shut. She frowned and I was certain that she was about to unleash a tidal wave of insults towards Katie, but she just sat there silently fuming. I shuddered and turned back to my research. I closed my book and stood up to get another one, when a textbook suddenly went sailing over my head and hit the bookshelf behind Katie.
What followed was a violent book war between Nina and Katie with us in the middle. It went on for about ten minutes and Laurence and I had to hide under the table. Kurt on the other hand just took it as an excuse to throw books around, and he occasionally threw a book or two at both girls when he thought they wouldn't notice.
“You’re such a shit exorcist that can't do anything!" Cried Katie as she pelted a book at Nina’s head. "You're a waste of space that wouldn't be able to find anything in these books even if your life depended on it!"
“What do you know!” Yelled Nina. “At least I actually study instead of wasting my time on stupid hairstyles.”
"You wouldn't be able to kill a monster even if it begged you!" Cried Katie.
"All your clothes look cheap!" Screamed Nina.
"Your little sister has more spiritual power than you!"
"I hope the bleach makes your hair fall out!"
"If I'm ugly, but I can still get a boyfriend, then what are you?" Said Katie, and it made Nina the angriest that I'd ever seen her.
The battle only came to a close when Nina’s brother (thinking that I had turned into a monster and begun devouring the library) ran into check. By then Nina had whipped out a fire charm and he had to pry it out of her hand to stop her from setting the library on fire.
“What the hell are you doing!” Yelled Nina’s brother. “Are you trying to kill us all? What would the organization say if they saw my sister acting like this?”
“You're supposed to be my brother!” Shrieked Nina. “Why do you always take her side? She's vain, cruel, and obviously trying to make my life miserable!”
“Vain or not she's still your," he paused for a moment as though searching for words. "Special cousin, and things haven't always been easy for Katie, so I expect you of all people to show a little more compassion!"
"That still doesn't give her the right to be a complete and utter bitch towards me!"
“Enough! What would father say if he saw you acting like this?”
“It’s not fair!” Yelled Nina. She screwed up her fists, kicked the table, and then stormed out of the library.
Her brother exhaled and turned to Katie. “Katie-" he said before she cut him off.
“Don’t you dare lecture me,” she said. “What gives you the right to tell me what to do!” She threw the book she was holding on the floor, and then stormed out of the room.
“Katie! Katie wait!” He yelled and ran after her. “You three clean this up!” He yelled at us from over his shoulder as he dashed out the door.
“Ow," said Laurence as he buried his head in his hands. “How come whenever Katie and Nina get into a fight, we’re always left to clean up the pieces?”
“Story of my life!” Yelled Tyson from his room down the hall.
I later found Nina sitting on the stairs to the back veranda. She was furiously skimming through a textbook with enough force to rip out the pages. Being the kind guy I am, I sat there and patted her on the back. Everyone was trying to stay out of Nina and Katie's feud, but I was trying to get on the good side of someone since the organization turned against me. Katie was pretty scary, so I decided to take Nina's side.
“I don't get it,” she muttered. “Why does everyone always defend her? It’s been like this since we were children. Everyone in the family feels sorry for her because her family is poor and her father died a few years ago, but that's no excuse for her to treat me like crap.”
“It's okay, just let it all out,” I said.
“When we were in middle school she couldn't afford textbooks, so she used to borrow mine and graffiti all the pages. The teachers didn't believe me and accused me of lying.”
“I know,” I said. “Life can be so hard.”
I could sympathise with how Nina felt because Isaac was also trying to turn everyone against me.
Luckily for me Isaac’s lack of social skills finally paid off in my favour when everyone refused to take his side. He tried holding a secret meeting with the others in the attic that evening, but whoever installed the sound proofing at headquarters must have done a terrible job because I could hear everything from the library.
“Hey do you think he can hear us?” Said the muffled voice of Laurence from above me.
“No way,” said Tyson. “Isaac asked for the most secret part of our secret headquarters, and there ain’t no place more secret than here, right Katie?”
I felt like banging on the ceiling with a broom, but part of me wanted to know what Isaac was thinking, so I remained silent and listened.
"Akito's too optimistic," said Isaac. "Some of you guys might not have seen it, but I was there. That thing wasn't Michael. It wasn't even human. I could fe- I knew deep down that it was an uncontrollable monster that would destroy anything and everything in its path. It's only a matter of time before that thing destroys us as well. We have to act now before it's too late."
"But Aki-" said Laurence before Isaac cut him off.
"Forget Akito and the organisation, we can convince them later,” said Isaac. “It's better to go against Akito now and get into trouble, then to let that thing go unchecked.”
“I don’t know Isaac,” said Tyson. “I mean the guy spent the last few months living and training with us, we can’t just exorcise him like he’s some raccoon monster or something.”
“Yeah!" Said Laurence. "What if he really is a super exorcist?”
“There’s no such thing as a super exorcist!” Snapped Isaac.
“I agree with Tyson. Michael knows plenty of charms, so can’t he just exorcise himself?” Asked Kurt. Tyson must have shot him a stern look because Kurt quickly said, “or whatever Tyson wants to do.”
“Okay, let’s have a vote," said Tyson. “All in favour of going against Akito and doing what Isaac says raise your hand.”
There was a moment of silence and I anxiously waited below them to see if my friends would turn on me, but the silence was interrupted by Isaac shouting, “you’re all a bunch of idiots!”
Akito and the organization may have thought that I was some sort of monster, but most of my friends seemed to be on my side. Katie and Kurt didn’t look convinced that I was a super exorcist, but both of them were close to Tyson so they followed his lead.
After the meeting Isaac spent most of his time at school and didn’t come home until dark. Eventually Akito became frustrated and forced him to remain at headquarters to help with the repairs, but our relationship didn’t improve.
Every time Isaac and I made eye contact he would either ignore me or duck into a nearby room. I eventually mustered up enough courage to peek through his bedroom door, only to find Isaac furiously writing out lightning charms like there was no tomorrow. I thought his behaviour was a little excessive, but I told myself to be patient and wait for the whole thing to blow over. I was certain that once Akito and my sister discovered Grampa’s super exorcist stash, Isaac would definitely come back begging to be my friend again.
As much as I hated to acknowledge it, I had considered the possibility that I could be a monster.
For half a minute.
Isaac had some supernatural exorcist ability to detect monsters, but my super exorcist powers were probably just sending his sensors off. There was no way that I could possibly be a monster. Sebastian and his minions were just jealous that I was obviously way more awesome than them. They just didn’t want to admit that my grandfather was a genius, and they were trying to dispose of me by faking that I was a monster.
But I wasn’t going to take it.
I was going to fight back!
I was going to let my sister handle everything while I shouted words of encouragement from behind her!

To be continued......

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