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The Monster Exorcist Two Chapter Three

Hello and welcome to the third chapter of The Monster Exorcist Two. I hope that you enjoy it. 

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Chapter 3

Apparently two teenage girls showing up in the hospital (one with a damaged face) looked suspicious, so the police came to headquarters to investigate. Sebastian refused to let me out of my chair, so his minions shoved me into a closet and pushed a wardrobe in front of the door. I was trapped, and everyone else had to pretend that the damage had been a gas explosion next to a box of fireworks.
“Yeah, we were just all studying,” said Kurt to the police. They had a hard time believing Akito's story and decided to interview everyone. “And then it was just like. Bang.”
“Yeah, bang, ” added Tyson.
“And KABOOM! ” Added Laurence dramatically.
It was my only chance to escape before Sebastian changed his mind. My mouth was taped shut, so I jumped in my chair to move it closer to the door. I planned to kick the door to get the officer’s attention, but the chair tipped over and I fell on my face.
“What was that noise?” I heard the officer ask.
“Its,” said Laurence like he was attempting to save me, but he quickly became quiet and didn’t do anything. It was exactly what he did when fighting monsters.
“Cockroaches,” said Nina’s brother. “Giant the walls...and maybe the floors. We’ve been trying to kill them for months but they just keep coming back stronger than ever.”
“Yeah, they’ve evolved into like these super strong mutant roaches,” added Tyson. "They’re like teenage mutant ninja roaches, but smaller, and not actually ninjas."
I thought there was no way that anyone could believe his terrible excuse. I was certain that the officer would come dashing to my rescue, but to my disappointment he just cleared his throat and said he was done. I spent another thirty minutes with my face against the floor until Sebastian came back for me.
Hugo and Nina’s bro carried my chair back to the kitchen. I thought they would at least give me a snack, but instead they placed a lamp on the table and directed the light into my eyes. I felt like I was trapped in a police movie as Sebastian and his lackeys began writing observations.
“Hair, messy,” muttered Nina’s bro. “Clothes? Probably haven’t been washed for a few days.”
“Personality, optimistic,” wrote Hugo. “Like he hasn’t had all his hopes and dreams crushed by life.”
“Hey!” I protested.
“Don’t you think this is a little excessive?” Said Akito as he moved the lamp away from my face. “I’ve taught him for months. He’s clearly not capable of harming anyone in his current state.”
“Stand down Akito,” said Sebastian. “I’ll take it from here. You and your students can wait outside.”
Akito screwed up his face and looked like he was about to protest before he quietly left the room. As horrible as my situation was, I had to admit that it was funny to see Akito being told what to do for once. He would finally know how the rest of us felt. I even started laughing until Sebastian pulled out a pin and jabbed my right hand.
“Hey that hurts!” I protested and tried to struggle against the ropes, but Hugo held my hand down. Sebastian pulled out a piece of yellow paper and held it against my hand. I watched as my blood began to seep into the paper.
“No doubt about it. This is definitely monster blood,” said Sebastian as he held the paper up to his face to get a better look.
“What! How can you even tell?” I asked. I couldn’t see anything strange about it at all.
“It glimmers in the light,” he said.
“It glimmers in the light,” I mocked in a melodramatic voice. I thought it was funny and would get a few laughs from Sebastian’s minions, but the two of them just sat there staring at me blankly. I thought I was off the hook after that, but that’s when the endless questioning began.
“Do you have the urge to consume human flesh?” Sebastian asked.
“No,” I said.
“What animal can you transform into?” He asked.
“I can’t transform into anything!”
“When was the last time you ate someone?”
“I’ve never eaten anyone in my life!”
“Repressed memories,” muttered Nina’s brother as he took notes. “Inflated self-confidence, inability to comprehend the truth. Clearly in denial.”
“Hey!” I protested.
“Also need to pick up milk on the way back to headquarters,” he added.
“Don’t you know that I can hear everything you’re saying!” I said.
Hugo was supposed to be writing observations too, but halfway through he started writing a list of reasons why his girlfriend may have left him. I could see things such as refusal to wash socks staring up at me from his notepaper.
“There's no way that we can allow this thing to roam around unchecked,” said Sebastian after questioning me for an hour. “We'll need to take him back to the main branch for further testing. Hugo write a message.”
“I suppose if I have to,” said Hugo, and he pulled out a new sheet of paper.
“Tell them that we’ll need restraints,” said Sebastian. “And tranquilizers, and make sure they prepare enough charms. Make sure you call up that man who works at the morgue, and make sure we have adequate cleaning supplies. They never managed to get those blood stains out of the concrete last time.”
I was about to wet myself before my sister suddenly burst through the door with Akito behind her.
“Mikey you’re OK!” Cried my sister. She pounced on me and wrapped her arms around my neck so tightly that I found it difficult to breathe. “I was so worried.”
“Who is the woman?” Asked Sebastian.
“Michael Matsumoto’s younger sister,” said Nina’s brother.
“The violent tomboy?” Questioned Sebastian.
“Mikey, why are you tied up?” Asked Sis as she noticed the ropes around my chair. “Have you been causing trouble again?”
“Sis you have to save me!” I cried. “They want to take me back to the main branch and put me in a cage!” I often complain about how Sis can be angry and strict, but it’s actually her best quality when it’s re-directed at someone other than me.
“Whaaat! Why on earth would they want to do that?” Said Sis.
“The boy is a monster,” said Sebastian.
“Look,” said Sis. “I know that sometimes he can be a little difficult to deal with, and there are times when even I want to tie him u-“
“No Katrina, he’s actually a monster, a real live man eating monster like the one who murdered your brother,” said Nina’s bro.
“Mikey almost died tonight, I really don’t think that this is the appropriate time for telling jokes,” said Sis.
“Look at this charm and how it glows when we place it near him,” said Nina’s brother as he dangled a locator charm near my ear. “You of all people should know that’s not normal!”
“Well there’s obviously been some sort of mistake,” said Sis as she ripped the charm out of his hand. “Mikey’s just a normal boy!”
“Yeah!” I added. I decided I would emotionally support Sis by yelling yeah at random intervals.
“Akito!” Said my sister. “Tell them to stop it!”
“Yeah!” I said.
“Katrina,” said Akito while looking grim. “It’s hard for me to say this, but a lot of things have come to light recently, and it’s possible that your brother may not be who you thought he was.”
“That’s because I’m a super exorcist!” I yelled back. “Grandpa put some weird charms in my back when I was a kid. Then Akito unleashed them, and now I have super awesome exorcist powers!”
“Really, are you sure?” Asked my sister. “That’s amazing!”
“Not you too,” moaned Nina’s bro. “I can’t believe that anyone would fool for something so stupid.”
 “I’ve lived with Michael since he was five and I can assure you that he’s no monster,” said Sis. “If you lay one hand on my younger brother you’re going to regret it!”
“I won't get talked down to by a girl,” said Sebastian.
“Well this girl might just blast you out of the building,” said Sis.
“Can everyone just please calm down!” Protested Akito as he rushed in and created a human barricade between Sebastian and my sister.
“Akito move!” Said Sebastian.
“Yeah Akito move!” Yelled my sister. “I’ve been wanting to get a shot at this guy ever since he rejected my application in seventh grade!”
“If you don’t mind sir I would gladly take her down for you,” said Nina’s bro.
“You ungrateful little turd!” Yelled my sister. “After all my brother did for you!”
“Even though it pains me so, I would gladly go against my mentor’s sister for the sake of the great Sebastian Williams.”
“Traitor!” Sis yelled back.
Hugo also pulled out a charm and pretended to aim it at my sister, but I could tell that his heart wasn’t in it and he was just pretending to be part of the fight.
“We need to take this monster with us,” said Sebastian. “He’s clearly a threat to humanity!”
“But there’s no reason why we can’t conduct the necessary tests here,” said Akito. “There’s no reason to burden the main branch when everyone’s already stretched to capacity.”
“We’ll manage,” said Nina’s bro. “There isn’t anything that we wouldn’t do for the sake of the organization.”
“Why you little!” Sis’ charm paper began to burn. It looked like she was going to unleash a fire charm on them all, until Akito grabbed her hand and held her back.
“Why not do it here?” Said Akito as he held onto my sister who was desperately struggling to escape. It looked like the two of them were dancing. “This place was once used to contain dangerous monsters, so you can find anything that you need here. Please think of the dangers associated with taking him back. If he lost control once more, just think of all the innocent lives that could be placed in danger.
“Sir, maybe he’s right?” Said Hugo. “We don’t want the innocent lives to be in danger again.”
“Danger doesn’t bother me!” Yelled Nina’s bro. “I’d gladly sacrifice my life for the organization!”
“Remember the time you forgot to lock the cage and all those caterpillar monsters got out,” whispered Hugo. “Those cyclists are now scarred for life.”
“I told you never to mention that again!” Hissed Nina’s bro.
“Don’t the organization rules even state that it’s best to move a monster around as little as possible,” added Akito. “You could almost say that it would be against the rules to take him back to the main branch when we’re already adequately equipped here.”
Sebastian gritted his teeth in rage and began turning red. I thought he was going to explode.
“Fine! Fine! Have it your way Akito, and girl,” said Sebastian while glaring at my sister. “The monster stays here for testing, and I expect reports. Every week from every single person here! My subordinates will continue to stay here and conduct research, and they will be given access to anything they need. And that thing is prohibited from leaving! It is not to step one foot outside of headquarters under any circumstance. No exception! No exception whatsoever!”

* * *

 Sis came and picked me up the next day after Sebastian returned to the main branch. Hugo and Nina’s bro put up a decent fight, but they were obviously no match for my sister.
“Stop it!” You can’t take him back!” Said Nina’s bro as he blocked the doorway in an attempt to prevent my sister from getting in. “The boy is a monster and we’re under strict orders not to let him leave!"
“Move!” Yelled my sister.
“Never!” Said Nina’s bro. “There’s nothing you can say or do which would ever make us go against an order from the organisation.”
“Then I guess there really isn’t any other option,” said my sister. “I never wanted to use this, but you’ve left me with no choice,” she paused and I stood there wondering what sort of awesome secret weapon my sister was going to pull on Nina’s bro.
“I know about that!” She said.
“What?” Said Nina’s bro as his face began turning pale. “No, you don’t! You’re bluffing! There’s no way that you could possibly know about that!”
“Oh I know everything,” said my sister with a smirk. “I’m the adorable sister of your great mentor and there wasn’t anything that he wouldn’t tell me.”
“What’s that?” Asked Hugo.
“It’s nothing!” Nina’s brother snapped.
“Is it worse than the time you forgot to turn off the heater and accidently set the ancient scripture room on fire?” Asked Hugo.
“Shut up,” Nina’s brother hissed.
“They still haven’t figured out it was you, so I think you’re still in the clear,” said Hugo.
“I thought we agreed never to talk about that again,” Nina’s brother hissed under his breath. He looked back at my sister to find her smiling like a maniac.
“I’m sure your bosses would love to know who was responsible for the loss of their beloved documents, and that,” she said.
Nina’s brother stared at my sister with his eyes wide in fear. He gulped and began to move away from the door.
“You can’t do that!” Protested Hugo. “It’s against the rules, we can’t go against the commander. We swore an oath as his assistants to do whatever we’re told without hesitation until the day we die!”
“I’ll get you a date,” hissed Nina’s brother.
“Done,” said Hugo.
I couldn’t believe how easily I had escaped the evil clutches of the organization. I was certain I was going to be trapped in headquarters for the rest of my life while the two of them subjected me to tests like mad scientists. My respect for my sister increased tenfold.
“Wow, that was amazing Sis,” I said as we descended the stairs in front of headquarters. “What's that?”
“There is no that," said my sister. "I made it all up."
"Really? How did you know that would work?"
"That guy trained under my brother. He used to suck-up to Sean Lopez and do almost anything that guy dared him to, so I'm sure there’s something that the two of them must be hiding together."
“Great one Sis, I knew that I could count on you!”
“It should be enough to keep him off our backs, for now,” she said while nervously glancing behind her. “That guy might be a pushover, but he’s still pretty resourceful. We can’t afford to let our guard down.”
“Whatever you say Sis,” I said while merrily skipping down the stairs.
“Don’t worry Mikey, together we’ll get to the bottom of this. Akito may be smart, but he’s still only running on theories from my father’s research. Even he doesn’t know for sure what my father did to you. There’s still so much we don’t know."
“Yeah, I’m sure that Grandpa had tons of information and notes on turning people into super exorcists. Maybe it all just accidently fell down the back of the bookcase like Steve’s CD that you don’t like.”
“Perhaps. Father went through a pretty dark phase after my brother died, and even I don’t know what he was thinking. I’m sure that he may have other secrets.”
“Yeah! Akito’s stupid theory about me being a monster is ridiculous. I don’t feel any different at all!”
“That reminds me,” said my sister. “I have something I want to ask you.”
“OK, what?”
“Don’t mention any of this to Steve or Sophie. Steve didn’t grow up in our world so he would only panic, and Sophie’s too young to understand anything. I don't want to tell them anything until we know more.”
“Okay,” I said. It was the first time that my sister had ever asked me to keep something a secret from Steve, but I was sure that a few secrets in their marriage wouldn’t hurt anyone.
I took one last look at headquarters to see Isaac staring down at us from the top of the stairs. His face was cold and expressionless, and it reminded me of the day that he called out to Annie and told her to stop speaking to me. Sis didn’t notice his presence, and I didn’t want to worry her. I took one final look at his menacing glare and tried to suppress my growing concerns that we would never be friends again.
I was certain that everything would return to normal.
It's only now that I finally realise how naive I was back then.

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