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HIWMBAFM 2 and The Monster Exorcist 2 Free Previews

I recently made these great free previews of "How I Was Murdered By A Fox Monster Two" and "The Monster Exorcist Two." You can download them for free on payhip for Kindle and ebook readers, or you can read them online. Please enjoy.

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Read The Monster Exorcist Two Preview Online

Read How I Was Murdered by A Fox Two Preview Online

The two previews are almost the same, except How I Was Murdered By a Fox Monster uses almost all Japanese style names, and begins with the last chapter from The Monster Exorcist. It wasn't included in the original draft.
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The Monster Exorcist Two Chapter Three

Hello and welcome to the third chapter of The Monster Exorcist Two. I hope that you enjoy it. 

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Chapter 3

Apparently two teenage girls showing up in the hospital (one with a damaged face) looked suspicious, so the police came to headquarters to investigate. Sebastian refused to let me out of my chair, so his minions shoved me into a closet and pushed a wardrobe in front of the door. I was trapped, and everyone else had to pretend that the damage had been a gas explosion next to a box of fireworks.
“Yeah, we were just all studying,” said Kurt to the police. They had a hard time believing Akito's story and decided to interview everyone. “And then it was just like. Bang.”
“Yeah, bang, ” added Tyson.
“And KABOOM! ” Added Laurence dramatically.
It was my only chance to escape before Sebastian changed his mind. My mouth was taped shut, so I jumped in my chair to move it closer to the door. I planned to kick the door to get the officer’s attention, but the chair tipped over and I fell on my face.
“What was that noise?” I heard the officer ask.
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