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The Monster Exorcist Character Talk: The Late Michael Matsumoto

For my next character talk, I would like to talk about the late Michael Matsumoto and his role in my story The Monster Exorcist  even though he doesn’t make an appearance.

The late Michael Matsumoto was the son of Able Matsumoto, Katrina’s older brother, and the older step brother of Michael Matsumoto who shares the same name.

He was an exorcist genius who was immensely talented and defeated countless monsters with ease. He became famous amongst exorcists around the world, and he really brought about a golden age for the exorcist organization.

He was strong studious and kind, but the truth behind that genius was that he was under immense pressure from his father Able Matsumoto. Able was injured by an S-level monster in his youth which left him incapable of battling high-level monsters. He instead forced his dreams and ambitions onto his only son. Michael Matsumoto was trained from birth by his father to become a great exorcist. Michael had very few talents that weren’t related to battling monsters, and even failed high school. His sister Katrina was also often forced to clean his room and wash his clothes so that her brother could spend more time training.

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The Monster Exorcist Characters: Isaac

In an attempt to ease my writer's block, I thought I would go through some of the characters in The Monster Exorcist and talk about them one by one. Today I would like to start off with Isaac.

Book One Recap (You can find book one here!)

Isaac was first introduced as Michael's rival in love for Annie and nemesis. He is rude, unfriendly, and sees Michael as a complete idiot who should have never been allowed to become an exorcist. Which is actually an accurate observation.

Part of his anger stems from not being allowed to go to the school that he wanted to. Although Isaac is a great exorcist and excels at training, he has no desire to remain with the organisation and wants to distance himself as much as possible. Perhaps this desire to get out comes from some terrible event in his past. wink wink.

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Earnings Over the Past Three Years

I made this graph as a funny way to show how difficult it is to make money when you first start off as a writer. Blue is my money from my regular job, and purple is the money I've earned from writing. I usually work as a middle school teacher, which generates all my money to survive. I do also really enjoy my regular job.

You can check out my latest story here

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September Writing Update and The Monster Exorcist character talk.

Hello! I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to read my latest update. I had some vacation time which I used to write, but I just returned to work so I haven't had much time to write recently.

I would like to quickly mention my previous post about someone using my story How I was Murdered by a Fox Monster (now renamed The Monster Exorcist) to make printed books on Createspace. I know that this has become a common way of making money recently, but I have no idea how they expect to make money from it if they are charging more than me, and their cover design is terrible. I warn you not to pay money for any stories that are not writen by me, M.C.Queen. You can also find the legitimate product links on this website if you are concerned about being ripped off.

Hopefully you have check out my latest Monster Exorcist previews (You can find them here), and today I would like to talk about some of the new characters. As you may know back-up from the main branch came to aid the characters, but most of them had already gone home by the time Michael came too. This leaves just Comander Sebastian Williams, and his assistants Nina's brother and Hugo.

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The Monster Exorcist: New Foes Chapter Two

Author’s Note: Hello and welcome to chapter two of The Monster Exorcist Two. I hope that you enjoy it. I hope to try and release at least five or six chapters over the coming months, but it can be difficult to find time to edit everything while working full time. Feel free to read the previous chapter if you hadn’t already, and also don’t hesitate to tell me what you think.

Chapter Two

Akito called everyone into the living room of headquarters (or what was left of it) for a meeting. There was a giant hole in the wall, the windows were broken, and the wooden floor was burnt in several places. There wasn’t much furniture to begin with, but the coffee table had been split into two, and blank charm paper and encyclopedia pages were scattered around the room like graffiti. I even spotted signs of my handwritten raccoon assignment scattered amongst the debris.

Akito looked dead serious and commanded my friends to bring in a whiteboard, and set up chairs from the storage room in three rows facing the front. He stood with his back towards us anxiously staring at the whiteboard and marker, like he was still contemplating the best way to convince the other exorcists not to kill me. I still refused to trust him, but part of me hoped he’d changed his mind and was going to act like my teacher again.
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HIWMBAFM copied by a strange person!

I did an Amazon search of my book How I was Murdered by a Fox Monster (now renamed to The Monster Exorcist) to find this. The two below books are not by me, and are probably the free version which has been copied and pasted into Createspace.

I strongly encourage anyone not to by these books because it would be giving money to someone who didn't do anything for it. I spent hours writing this book and it makes me very sad to see someone try and pass it off as their own. Hopefully they will be taken down soon.
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