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August Update

So far I've finished the first half of The Monster Exorcist 2 and I am now currently working on the second half. I already have a ruff idea about how it's going to end and the events that are going to happen, but I still need to think over my timeline and write the scenes. I'm going to be releasing the first few chapters for free gradually over the next few months, so please keep a look out. You can already read the first chapter here.

The Monster Exorcist 2 is not the end and there will defiantly be a part three and maybe part four before the story will come to a close. There are still many situations and obstacles that the characters need to go through before I can bring the story to an end. I already have a final ending, and it's still a long way off.

I thought that I would take a little time to talk about the time when I was writing How I Was Murdered by a Fox Monster

For as long as I could type I have always been writing stories. It's been my dream ever since I was a child to complete my own novel, but unfortunately I didn't have the focus or motivation to complete one until 2012. It was then that I became frustrated at myself and finally decided to put all my effort into completing just one story.

I have a full time job to support myself so I did most of the planning and wrote different scenes during my commute and breaks at work. A majority of the story writing was also done during my vacation over the summer. I would frequently get hit with a new idea or scene and I would have to stop to write it down in my phone before continuing on my way.

I wrote like a madman and managed to finish the first book within eight months. I'm terrible at seeing small mistakes, so I used a lot of text to voice software to read the story out loud. It was great for picking out small typos and errors. It's always a little difficult to attract new readers at first so I put the story up on many free websites which is how some of you may have stumbled across the story. I was pretty tired after finishing the first story, and I didn't get much feedback, so I decided not to write part two and concentrate on other stories instead. Over the years I received many emails asking about part two so I decided last year to finally begin writing it. It's been one year so far and I feel quite satisfied with the scenes that I have completed so far.

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