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The Monster Exorcist 2 Update

For those who have not read my story “The Monster Exorcist” you can check it out for yourselves at the above tab.

I really hope to complete the second part of this story before the end of the year. I have the whole story planned out in my head, so it’s just a matter of writing it all out and finishing it. I am really excited about the story, and there is so many plot twists and character building that I can’t wait to write.

Unfortunately, I have to work a lot recently at my regular job (and second and third job) so I don’t really have much time for writing. It is said that in order to write books you need to read many, so I have also started trying to read many books and write reviews in order to improve my writing. You can check them out in the review tab.

If you are really into the book and would like to see it finished faster, you can support me by buying the book, recommending it to your friends, and you can even make some small cash by selling it with the Smashwords affiliate system.  Click here for more information.

I am unsure if I can finish it anytime soon, but I hope to post more spoilers and the first few chapters, so that people can at least read some of it and begin to enjoy the next book.

If you are a fan of The Monster Exorcist  you can check out more about it at its own personal website here and feel free to talk about it in The Monster Exorcist Forum. You can talk about your favourite character and even post your own spoilers or theories. You may even be right!