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Tales From a Land of Gods Part 2 update!

You can find out more about my story "Tales From a Land of Gods" and even a few samples on the above tab on my website.

If you are reading this update, it's because you've taken an interest in my story "Tales From a Land of Gods," and you should, please go read more about it. I finished part one a few years ago, and you can currently get a copy for free from many different ebook websites, and I will be posting a lot of part 1 on this website as well.

At the moment I have just been writing the story in short segments, but I have a longer and more epic story all planned out in my head which I have been thinking about over the past few years. Unfortunately I just haven't had the time to finish writing it all out. I blame it all on having to work to pay rent and so on. If you have ever tried to become a writer or artist you will know that it's very hard to make any money at first.

If you would like to see part 2 finished faster, you can also support me by buying my work, recommending it to your friends, or sharing it on social media. Part 1 is currently free, so just writing a positive review on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, or Goodreads is a GREAT help to me and will hopefully increase sales. You can also check or recommend my other story The Monster Exorcist as well. I also entered it into an affiliate program so that you can earn some money if you help sell it.

At the moment I plan to finish The Monster Exorcist part 2, and then I will hopefully write a second part to Tales From a Land of Gods. I will also try and write out some sort of preview as well when I get the chance.

The second part will also introduce a cast of new characters who also live in this mystical world of gods, and their own trials and challenges that they face as they try and navigate this world. You will also find out more about the characters featured in part 1, and you will eventually learn how Lucy came to the land of gods in later works.