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The Monster Exorcist Two: Chapter 5

Merry Christmas everyone and welcome to chapter 5 of my new story The Monster Exorcist: New Foes.  I hope that you all have an enjoyable end of year break.

For everyone who is reading this blog for the first time you can download the first book in The Monster Exorcist series for free here. And you can check out the previous chapters as well

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Chapter 5

With no school to go to, most of my time was spent repairing headquarters. It was all because Akito was too stingy to hire anyone. He said that we couldn’t risk bringing in outsiders in case they discovered the library, our weapons, the illegal shotgun, and his gunpowder stock in the basement. Akito said he had enough ammunition to blow up my school, but I think he just didn’t want to part with his money.
The building had taken quite a blow from the fox monster attack, so we had to rebuild the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and study. Kurt tried to argue that because I helped destroy it, I should repair it all, but Akito insisted that the physical labour was all part of our training.
“The organisation used to hire more outsiders,” said Laurence as he happily nailed the floor next to me. “But then they arrested my uncle on suspicion of imprisoning young people and running a cult. He spent ten years in prison.”

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December Writing Update

Hello and welcome to my December writing update. You may be reading this because you’ve taken interest in my work, or maybe you’re just giving it a read because you’re interested in the life of someone inspiring to be author. Either way, I hope that you can try reading my latest story.
I’ve currently been writing out the final chapter in my story The Monster Exorcist: New Foes. It has been taking a lot of work, and I’m not very good at writing battle scenes. I have to play out all my battle scenes move by move like a choreographer and it takes a long time. I really want the final part to be exciting, so I have been rewriting it many times until I feel that it matches what I have pictured in my head or better.
 One of the reasons that it’s been taking so long to finish the story is because my writing method is very slow, so today I would like to take some time to talk about how I write stories. My method is probably one of the slowest ways to write a story on the face of the planet, so please don’t feel like you have to copy me.
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The Monster Exorcist Two Chapter 4

Hello and welcome to chapter 4 in my next story The Monster Exorcist: New foes. If it's your first time seeing this story, you can read all the previous chapters online here. Or even grab them for your ebook reader here.
I feel that the end is insight, so I've been extra motivated recently and I've been trying to write every chance that I get. I finally thought up and ending for part two! I have a long term plan and an ending for the entire story, but I really wanted the last chapter in part two to leave an impact. Some of my original ideas were pretty terrible. (For example: he faints.) But think the new ending is quite cool! 

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November Writing Update

Hello and welcome to my November writing update. I actually started writing this post way back in October but I didn’t have time to finish it until recently. I’m sorry that there haven’t been any updates for a while now. I haven’t had much time to write recently due to work, and work after work, and work on weekends. It’s a little depressing and I would like to cut back in order to concentrate more on writing, but I need to pay my rent. I’m still working hard towards finishing my story The Monster Exorcist but there are just so many other commitments. I guess it’s all just part of being a responsible adult.

If you hadn’t already noticed I posted some great free previews for my next story The Monster Exorcist: New Foes. When writing the story I did try and make it easy for people who haven't read the first book, so please give it a go even if you haven’t read “The Monster Exorcist.” I hope that you can enjoy it, and any feedback would also be great.

I originally wrote The Monster Exorcist as a slightly different story called How I was Murdered by a Fox Monster. I received many emails asking about part 2, so I made a special version for those fans which you can download or read online here.

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HIWMBAFM 2 and The Monster Exorcist 2 Free Previews

I recently made these great free previews of "How I Was Murdered By A Fox Monster Two" and "The Monster Exorcist Two." You can download them for free on payhip for Kindle and ebook readers, or you can read them online. Please enjoy.

  Buy eBook         Buy eBook

Read The Monster Exorcist Two Preview Online

Read How I Was Murdered by A Fox Two Preview Online

The two previews are almost the same, except How I Was Murdered By a Fox Monster uses almost all Japanese style names, and begins with the last chapter from The Monster Exorcist. It wasn't included in the original draft.
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The Monster Exorcist Two Chapter Three

Hello and welcome to the third chapter of The Monster Exorcist Two. I hope that you enjoy it. 

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Chapter 3

Apparently two teenage girls showing up in the hospital (one with a damaged face) looked suspicious, so the police came to headquarters to investigate. Sebastian refused to let me out of my chair, so his minions shoved me into a closet and pushed a wardrobe in front of the door. I was trapped, and everyone else had to pretend that the damage had been a gas explosion next to a box of fireworks.
“Yeah, we were just all studying,” said Kurt to the police. They had a hard time believing Akito's story and decided to interview everyone. “And then it was just like. Bang.”
“Yeah, bang, ” added Tyson.
“And KABOOM! ” Added Laurence dramatically.
It was my only chance to escape before Sebastian changed his mind. My mouth was taped shut, so I jumped in my chair to move it closer to the door. I planned to kick the door to get the officer’s attention, but the chair tipped over and I fell on my face.
“What was that noise?” I heard the officer ask.
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The Monster Exorcist Character Talk: The Late Michael Matsumoto

For my next character talk, I would like to talk about the late Michael Matsumoto and his role in my story The Monster Exorcist  even though he doesn’t make an appearance.

The late Michael Matsumoto was the son of Able Matsumoto, Katrina’s older brother, and the older step brother of Michael Matsumoto who shares the same name.

He was an exorcist genius who was immensely talented and defeated countless monsters with ease. He became famous amongst exorcists around the world, and he really brought about a golden age for the exorcist organization.

He was strong studious and kind, but the truth behind that genius was that he was under immense pressure from his father Able Matsumoto. Able was injured by an S-level monster in his youth which left him incapable of battling high-level monsters. He instead forced his dreams and ambitions onto his only son. Michael Matsumoto was trained from birth by his father to become a great exorcist. Michael had very few talents that weren’t related to battling monsters, and even failed high school. His sister Katrina was also often forced to clean his room and wash his clothes so that her brother could spend more time training.

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The Monster Exorcist Characters: Isaac

In an attempt to ease my writer's block, I thought I would go through some of the characters in The Monster Exorcist and talk about them one by one. Today I would like to start off with Isaac.

Book One Recap (You can find book one here!)

Isaac was first introduced as Michael's rival in love for Annie and nemesis. He is rude, unfriendly, and sees Michael as a complete idiot who should have never been allowed to become an exorcist. Which is actually an accurate observation.

Part of his anger stems from not being allowed to go to the school that he wanted to. Although Isaac is a great exorcist and excels at training, he has no desire to remain with the organisation and wants to distance himself as much as possible. Perhaps this desire to get out comes from some terrible event in his past. wink wink.

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Earnings Over the Past Three Years

I made this graph as a funny way to show how difficult it is to make money when you first start off as a writer. Blue is my money from my regular job, and purple is the money I've earned from writing. I usually work as a middle school teacher, which generates all my money to survive. I do also really enjoy my regular job.

You can check out my latest story here

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September Writing Update and The Monster Exorcist character talk.

Hello! I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to read my latest update. I had some vacation time which I used to write, but I just returned to work so I haven't had much time to write recently.

I would like to quickly mention my previous post about someone using my story How I was Murdered by a Fox Monster (now renamed The Monster Exorcist) to make printed books on Createspace. I know that this has become a common way of making money recently, but I have no idea how they expect to make money from it if they are charging more than me, and their cover design is terrible. I warn you not to pay money for any stories that are not writen by me, M.C.Queen. You can also find the legitimate product links on this website if you are concerned about being ripped off.

Hopefully you have check out my latest Monster Exorcist previews (You can find them here), and today I would like to talk about some of the new characters. As you may know back-up from the main branch came to aid the characters, but most of them had already gone home by the time Michael came too. This leaves just Comander Sebastian Williams, and his assistants Nina's brother and Hugo.

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The Monster Exorcist: New Foes Chapter Two

Author’s Note: Hello and welcome to chapter two of The Monster Exorcist Two. I hope that you enjoy it. I hope to try and release at least five or six chapters over the coming months, but it can be difficult to find time to edit everything while working full time. Feel free to read the previous chapter if you hadn’t already, and also don’t hesitate to tell me what you think.

Chapter Two

Akito called everyone into the living room of headquarters (or what was left of it) for a meeting. There was a giant hole in the wall, the windows were broken, and the wooden floor was burnt in several places. There wasn’t much furniture to begin with, but the coffee table had been split into two, and blank charm paper and encyclopedia pages were scattered around the room like graffiti. I even spotted signs of my handwritten raccoon assignment scattered amongst the debris.

Akito looked dead serious and commanded my friends to bring in a whiteboard, and set up chairs from the storage room in three rows facing the front. He stood with his back towards us anxiously staring at the whiteboard and marker, like he was still contemplating the best way to convince the other exorcists not to kill me. I still refused to trust him, but part of me hoped he’d changed his mind and was going to act like my teacher again.
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HIWMBAFM copied by a strange person!

I did an Amazon search of my book How I was Murdered by a Fox Monster (now renamed to The Monster Exorcist) to find this. The two below books are not by me, and are probably the free version which has been copied and pasted into Createspace.

I strongly encourage anyone not to by these books because it would be giving money to someone who didn't do anything for it. I spent hours writing this book and it makes me very sad to see someone try and pass it off as their own. Hopefully they will be taken down soon.
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August Update

So far I've finished the first half of The Monster Exorcist 2 and I am now currently working on the second half. I already have a ruff idea about how it's going to end and the events that are going to happen, but I still need to think over my timeline and write the scenes. I'm going to be releasing the first few chapters for free gradually over the next few months, so please keep a look out. You can already read the first chapter here.

The Monster Exorcist 2 is not the end and there will defiantly be a part three and maybe part four before the story will come to a close. There are still many situations and obstacles that the characters need to go through before I can bring the story to an end. I already have a final ending, and it's still a long way off.

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The Monster Exorcist: New Foes Chapter 1

This ebook is now finished and you can purchase the full copy here or on Smashwords.

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The Monster Exorcist: New Foes

Monsters: Spirits that take the form of animals to blend in with the natural world. There are five different levels of monsters.

Level four: Harmless monsters that pose no threat to humanity.

Level three: Monsters capable of human speech and often trick humans for fun.

Level two: Monsters that can change their form into more threatening shapes and attack humans and animals.

Level one: Monsters capable of human form and coexistence with humans. Capable of tricking people for money or luring them away to be eaten.

Level S: A new level created to distinguish the most dangerous monsters which were previously in level one. Level S monsters should be avoided if possible. One should not engage unless there is no other option.

A secret organization exists to protect mankind and eliminate all monsters. Its agents are commonly referred to as “exorcists.”

Chapter 1

“So you thought you could fool us, didn't you monster?” Said an old man with long white hair and a beard. He paced back and forth before me and glared at me menacingly like a jailer conducting an interrogation.

He looked about sixty years old and was dressed in a military uniform with a long dark coat and big black boots. The heels of his shoes clicked against the wooden kitchen floor with every step.

“You've been hiding in plain sight all along,” he continued. “Waiting for the perfect opportunity to devour us all.”

“What?” I asked blankly.

“Living with a regular family, entering the education system, and even going as far to apply to become an exorcist was all part of your master plan wasn't it? What was next? Were you planning to work your way up the ranks until you could be alone with the heads of our organization, and then pick them off one by one?”

“Are you insane?” I asked.

“Don't joke with me monster!” He yelled as he slammed his fists down on the table before me.

“Geez, it was just a joke,” I muttered. “Don't you guys know how to joke?”

I took one look around the room and realized that no one was joking. His two minions were standing behind him. One was a depressed looking guy all dressed in black, and the other dude looked overly serious with large glasses. They both menacingly waved baseball bats in their hands while trying their best to intimidate me with their eyes. I thought that at least my friends would save me, but my best friend Isaac looked like he wanted me dead, and my other friend Nina was hiding behind our teacher Akito like he was a human shield.

Akito was probably the only one in the room who looked sorry for me, but I assumed he was just trying to get on my good side so that he could take another stab at my back.

The old man made his minions tie me up, and I struggled against the ropes which had me bound to a kitchen chair, but they refused to budge. I took one hard look at the old man who was accusing me of being a monster in human form.

I'm sorry, you probably have no idea why this crazy old guy thinks I'm a monster, so let me fill you in on the situation.

Ten years ago I was adopted by a different old man, Able Matsumoto, who named me after his deceased son, Michael Matsumoto. He used to feed me stories of monsters which disguised themselves as regular animals in order to eat people. He seemed like an alright guy at the time, but after discovering a few dark things about him, I don't know what to think anymore. He passed away a year later, and I started living with his daughter Katrina and her family. My sister Katrina is like my best friend and her daughter Sophie is so cute. I suppose her husband Steve isn't so bad either. Everything was going great until I started high school. I met a pretty girl called Annie, but her childhood friend Isaac was insanely jealous and went out of his way to ruin our relationship. If that wasn't bad enough, her brother Tyson and a bunch of his friends Kurt, Katie, Nina, and Laurence accidentally unveiled to me that my grandfather's stories were true and they're all monster exorcists. Sounds insane right? I thought it was terrifying until they told me that their exorcist organization was bribing the school to give them good grades, and then I was begging to join.

They shot me down at first, but after I stalked them on a mission I finally got permission from their teacher Akito to join and begin training. I thought it would all be fun and adventure, but their dull teacher made me write assignments and meditate on rocks all day. It was worse than being stuck in school. I thought I had the potential to be a great exorcist, but I couldn't even destroy a kitten monster which was super depressing.

Anyway, a bunch of dramatic stuff happened and there were raccoons and wolves, and me fighting with Isaac, and Nina fighting with Katie, Kurt fighting with Laurence, and everyone just arguing with each other for reasons I don't understand. Eventually, Isaac and I put our differences aside and became buddies, but that's when a super crazy lady who was actually a fox monster decided to strike. Fifteen years ago, she murdered and ate the heart of my adopted older brother (the original Michael Matsumoto) and it must have been super tasty because she came back for seconds! She hunted me down at school and even followed me back to our secret exorcist headquarters. I know I'm an attractive guy, but even that was a little obsessive.

All my friends did their best to defeat the monster, but she plowed through every one of them like tissue paper. I had no idea who was alive or dead. Kurt, Tyson, and Laurence were missing, Katie was knocked out cold, and the last time I saw my future girlfriend Annie, she was lying in her blood.

Eventually the fox monster got me cornered in the office, and I was certain I was done for, but that's when my teacher Akito decided to strike. I thought he had a great plan to beat the monster, but instead his best idea was to stab me with a knife and offer me up as a peace offering.

Thanks Akito, thanks a lot. I was a model student and did everything I was told, and then instead of praising me he decided to backstab me instead.

It was so terrifying that I passed out and I'm not sure what happened after that. When I came to, the house was a mess and a bunch of guys I didn't know started treating me like a monster, and even my buddy Isaac was suddenly trying to kill me. I thought he and I were friends, but maybe he found out that I accidentally left his science textbook out in the rain, and then stashed the evidence under his bed. Sorry dude. But it didn't explain why the crazy old guy was treating me like a monster in disguise. 

“I have to admit that it was a pretty clever plan,” the old guy continued. “Probably the trickiest plan that I've seen in my career, but now the game is up. You're exposed, just drop the façade and show us who you really are. Unveil yourself monster!”

I stared at him blankly. If I really was a monster I'd transform and eat his face off, but I was nothing more than a regular high school student.

Akito coughed. “I think what Michael is trying to say is that he has no recollection of ever being a monster.”

“What are you babbling on about, how does a monster ever forget being a monster,” said the old man. "That's absurd. He's obviously trying to fool us. Look at that complete and utter look of bewilderment like he doesn't know what's going on. I know an act when I see one.”

“Like maybe he bumped his head and forgot everything,” said Nina while nervously running her fingers through her long brown hair. “I saw it in a movie.”

“I think he’s lying,” said Isaac.

"Excellent observation boy!" Said the old guy. "As expected of someone who will become a great exorcist!”

“I think I’ve heard about this before,” said the minion dressed in black. “There was the case of that hamster monster that spent its entire life in a pet shop and started believing that it was a real hamster. Or at least it did before it began eating the staff one by one.”

“What nonsense,” said the old guy. “All he needs is a good fire charm in the face and then he'll conveniently remember.”

“Hey, are you guys going to be much longer in the kitchen!” Yelled my friend Tyson from outside the door. "I need to change my ice pack!"

"And is it alright if I just go in to grab a snack?" Asked Kurt from outside as well.

"Shut up! You children bring shame to the exorcist name!” Yelled the old man. “I’ve had it with your lack of respect and negligence of the rules, your inability to adequately guard a monster, and your failure to submit your assignments on time with double spacing and the correct referencing.”

There was silence on the other side of the door. I assumed Kurt and Tyson were busy reflecting on their actions until Kurt yelled. “Is that a no?”

I could see the old man turning red, and he looked like he was about to explode.

“Meeting in the living room in ten minutes!” Yelled Akito.

“For the last time, I’m not a monster,” I exclaimed. “And you guys won’t tell me anything! Where’s Annie? Where’s Katie? And where's my lawyer?” I added the last one for dramatic purposes. I didn't actually have a lawyer, but the old man didn’t know that.

“Annie and Katie went to the hospital and the others are fine,” said Akito.

I felt a sense of relief wash over me, but that feeling of relief was quickly replaced by how angry I was at Akito. I tried my best to swivel my chair around away from him and pretend that he didn’t exist. Akito had started acting super kind like he was my friend ever since I came to, but I wasn't falling for the same trick again. He was probably just waiting until my guard was down before finishing me off.

Isaac had gone quiet. He was standing in the corner eyeing me up like he was trying to figure out the appropriate charm to exorcise me. I was shocked at how quickly the guy had gone from being my nemesis, to my buddy, and then wanting me dead. Maybe he was suffering from some multiple personality disorder. Isaac seemed pretty good at hiding stuff about himself so it wouldn't be a surprise.

“Hey Isaac,” I said in an attempt to reach out to him. “I thought we were friends.”

“Don't you remember Michael,” said Isaac. His gaze fell to the floor like he didn’t want to look at my face. “There's nothing I hate more than monsters,” he muttered.

His words hurt more than Akito’s blade in my back. I felt tempted to blurt out his secret (Isaac had the ability to sense monsters), but a part of me still believed that we could be friends once this whole misunderstanding had been worked out.

“That’s the spirit young man,” said the old guy as he patted Isaac on the back. “You can even have the first blast at this creature.”

He handed Isaac a piece of paper with a charm painted on one side. It was an exorcist weapon which could create fire, lightning, or water by simply chanting a mantra. Isaac looked like he was seriously going to use it before Akito dashed out and created a shield between the exorcists and me.

“Can we all please wait a moment?” Akito protested.

“Akito, are you protecting this monster?” Asked the old man.

“Hey sir,” said the minion in black. “Didn’t everyone think it was strange when Akito decided to train a regular high school student?"

“By God you’re right Hugo,” said the old man. “He’s been conspiring with a monster right under our noses and we failed to notice!”

“I’m not conspiring with anyone,” said Akito. “But with his level of spiritual power and willingness to exorcise monsters using our techniques, I believe that if harnessed properly, he could be a useful ally in our fight against monsters.”

“Maybe they’re all in on it,” added the minion in black named Hugo.

“Shut up! That’s ridiculous,” said the other minion with the glasses. “That’s my sister too that you’re talking about, there’s no way that any relative of mine would ever go against the organization.”

“Step aside Akito,” commanded the old man. “We need to deal with this creature.”

“Could you please wait!” Akito protested.

“You two, remove him!” Commanded the old man, and the two minions with their baseball bats began to encroach on Akito.

“Wait, wait! I have evidence, if you kill him now then you’ll only regret it later,” said Akito. “I have books and papers, and I even took some photos. If you could please just listen to what I have to say, I can prove to you that it’s worth your while to keep Michael alive!”

His subordinates paused and looked towards the old man like they didn’t know what to do. Akito and the old man glared intensely at each other, and I could almost see the sweat begin to pour down Akito’s forehead.

After what seemed like forever, the old man finally relaxed. “Fine, I’ll listen to what you have to say, but,” he said while glaring furiously at me. “It won’t necessarily change my opinion on what to do about this creature.”

My eyes flicked between Akito and the old man. I was grateful that I wasn’t going to be electrocuted by Isaac’s lightning charm in the kitchen, but my fate now hung in the balance of two people who were obviously out to murder me. I thought I was lucky to have survived the fox monster attack, but I had a feeling that my real problems had only just begun

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How I Was Murdered By A Fox Monster Extra Chapter

Lots of people often ask me about How I Was Murdered By A Fox Monster 2, and for this sake I designed this special chapter which explains why Akito was attempting to stab Daisuke.

You can download this special chapter for free here

If you don’t already know I reworked How I Was Murdered By A Fox Monster  to make it more marketable. I changed some of the character names and changed the title to The Monster Exorcist. You can check out some sample chapters for yourself here

The Monster Exorcist is currently on sale, so you can download the whole thing for free (if you share on Facebook or Twitter) for a limited time from this address here

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The Monster Exorcist Ch6

Chapter 6


I followed Katie to the edge of town where there was nothing but trees. We ran until the cement path became dirt and pebbles.

I thought she would have heard my footsteps pounding behind her, but she was too engrossed in her destination. Every now and again she would pull out her cell phone and quickly glance at the screen before dashing off again. 

We kept running until I could hear the voices of the other exorcists from somewhere beyond the trees.

“I don't know what you're waiting for, let's just attack now,” came the obnoxious voice of Isaac.

“No, we should wait for it to make the first move, we don't know what we're dealing with,” said Tyson.

“You're just scared because the last one took a chunk out of your arm,” Isaac replied.

Katie picked up speed and I wasn't far behind, within a matter of seconds she burst through the trees and was out in an open field. I decided things would be best if I didn't draw attention, so I hung back and hid myself behind a bush. I pushed the branches apart and peeked through the leaves to get a better view. The rest of the exorcists were already there. Tyson, Nina, Annie, Isaac, Kurt, and Laurence were gathered around in a circle staring at something I couldn't see.

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Monster Exorcist 2 Spoiler

Here's a page from my notebook for The Monster Exorcist 2. I've been writing out as much as I can during my breaks a work and I'm almost drowning in all my written notes. It's hard to keep up with them. Now what could have possibly happened to Akito?

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The Monster Exorcist New Cover Design

I recently changed the cover design to something which I think better reflects my story. I've gone for a teenage boy with a Japanese shine in the background which is a combination of Creative Commons pictures that I managed to find on Flicker.
I'm okay with a pencil so I originally attempted to draw Michael with the other exorcists in the back ground, but my coloring skills left him looking like an old man.
I wanted a look more like the current picture since last year but I had very little faith in my paint shopping skills. I did a lot of graphic design and image editing as a teenager, so I decided to jump in and give it ago while trying to remember my long forgotten skills. I think that the current design looks professional and I am very happy with the results. Please feel free to write any comments about what you think below.
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The Monster Exorcist Ch5

I discovered there were seven exorcists at school. There were Isaac and Annie, who were both in my class. Kurt (the big guy) and Laurence (the awkward one with curly hair) were both in second year. The blonde girl Katie, and Tyson (who seemed like their leader) were both in third. Nina was also in the third year. She wasn't at school the day I met the other exorcists, but I saw her once in the hall. She looked a lot like Sis, but I'll tell you more about that later.

Everyone seemed to find Laurence annoying, but he was the only one who was willing to tell me anything. Whenever I talked to the others they'd freeze up and tell me to go away, but Laurence let the secrets spill like there was no tomorrow.

Monsters are animal spirits which live in the natural world,” he explained to me.

“I know that already,” I said while remembering the stories Grandpa told me as a child. “What else?”

“Hmm, monsters usually pretend to be different animals and then transform back into monsters and eat humans. Lots of murders are actually done by monsters instead of people. No one thinks that the cute kitty they find on the street is going to eat them when their back is turned.”

“I knew it!” I didn't feel so stupid anymore for treating every animal with caution as a child.
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The Monster Exorcist Chapter 2 Reading

Check out this awesome sound file of me reading the second chapter of my book.

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Purchasing ebooks has become even easier!

I recently signed up to Payhip so you can now buy my ebooks directly from this website without having to sign up to other services such as Amazon or Smashwords. You can purchase the ebooks with either Paypal or credit card, and the payment system is very fast and easy.

You can also receive a 25% discount if you decide to share the book information on social media as well!
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The Monster Exorcist Ch 4

Everything soon fell into place on the third day of school. I remember it as the day I discovered my life was a lie, and the countless secrets which had been hidden from me by my adopted family, finally came to light.
It all began when Isaac decided to approach me. We hadn't directly spoken since the first day, so I assumed he didn't have the guts to face me. I finished my lunch only to look up and find him hovering over my desk like the grim reaper looming over a deathbed.

“Can I have a word with you?” He asked.

I turned around to say look at this guys, Isaac wants a word with me, until I realized this wasn't middle school anymore and my friends had all abandoned me to go to different schools instead.

I suppressed the feeling of being friendless, and rose to follow Isaac as he left the classroom. I wasn't surprised when he failed to start-up a colorful conversation, so I decided to ask the one thing I'd been dying to know.

“So what's going on with you and Annie?” I asked.

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Tales from a Land of Gods is free for a limited time!

My short story "Tales From a Land of Gods" is now free on Smashwords, B&N, and iTunes for a limited time, so please head over and download whole story for nothing while you still have the chance!

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After a few months I plan to charge money for it again.
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